• Where I’ve been

    August 2, 2022 by

    On July 25, I collapsed at home. I’ve been in ICU in hospital since then. The doctors say there is a problem with my kidneys, which apparently is enough to make anyone collapse. I’ll keep you all posted. Follow up Edit: I was told today that my kidneys are doing well and that I don’t… Read more

  • Danielle is moved out

    July 21, 2022 by

    Danielle moved out yesterday and has moved back in with her parents. I helped her move, and although I didn’t like the work involved, I was glad she was getting what she wanted. She didn’t have too much stuff, so it was an easy move. I’m going to miss her, but don’t be surprised if… Read more

  • Holly is a Conservative!

    July 21, 2022 by

    I’m impressed. Holly likes Jordan Peterson. She and I watched a video of him last night in an interview with a BBC female anchor about the pay gap and then I asked her what she thought. She said that Jordan seemed like he was avoiding all the “trap” questions laid down by the anchor and… Read more

  • Danielle dumped me and is moving out

    July 20, 2022 by

    Danielle has told me that she’s moving out. She said that we both knew this relationship was not going to last forever and I conceded that. So she’s decided to move on. I’ll miss Danielle. She was an excellent housemate. -VIS

  • Holly

    July 19, 2022 by

    I just have to take a few moments here to talk about Holly, the girl that Toi, Jennifer and Danielle introduced me to recently. Holly has a beautiful soft voice. She never swears and loves domesticity. She also has a fantastic body. She’s soft and very, very feminine. She says she doesn’t want to work… Read more

  • Jennifer

    July 17, 2022 by

    Jennifer is an amazing girl. We went on a date last night and she was so positive and “up” that I just had to write about her. We slept together (of course) and she was so vocal. She’s a real screamer. Jennifer is still one of my favourites. -VIS

  • Caroline is back!

    July 10, 2022 by

    My precious, sweet Caroline is back! My 1956 Buick Special Convertible went into my neighbour, Bill, for a tune up on Thursday and she’s back. And she’s purring like a kitten. Caroline has her original engine and original parts (except for her exhaust which was rebuilt) and she still runs like she was brand new.… Read more

  • Short Update

    July 6, 2022 by

    Nothing much to report. I’ve been going out on dates with the girls. Toi, Danielle, and Jennifer introduced me to Holly, their friend from the restaurant. She seems like a sweet girl. Jennifer has changed her hair style. Instead of straight and long, it’s now a hot mess. Looks amazing. I love it. Emily has… Read more

  • Isabella Dumped Me

    June 30, 2022 by

    Well, Isabella called it off between us. I can’t say I’m surprised. Even though she had a lot of time free, we didn’t go on a lot of dates together. Now, I feel more confident about checking out Holly, the friend of Toi, Danielle, and Jennifer. I’m going to go into the restaurant and ask… Read more

  • Just a Brief Update

    June 29, 2022 by

    There have been a lot of dates lately. Toi, Danielle, and Jennifer suggested I meet a friend of theirs (from the restaurant) named Holly, but I turned them down. I think six girls would be a ridiculous amount. I mean, I’m not running a harem! Dinners have been great and the girls are really getting… Read more

  • Freedom in Chains

    June 27, 2022 by

    Despite what modern feminist society teaches, she’s your property and your toy.  You own her.  So the responsibility for her happiness rests on your shoulders. To keep her happy, use the BAR system.  Be sure to give her Boundaries to make her feel safe.  Show her plenty of Appreciation like hugs and kisses.  Give her… Read more

  • It’s Time For a Kitchen Counter-Revolution

    June 23, 2022 by

    Women who wear jeans, don’t know how to cook, and spend most of their time at the club or on Facebook used to be revolutionary.  Now they’re just “normies.” Girls who wear dresses, heels, and aprons, can cook a fabulous meal from scratch, and spend most of their time tending to their man’s needs used to… Read more

  • Why I’m Not Writing Very Often

    June 19, 2022 by

    The girls’ work schedules have slowed down and they have more time off lately, so we’ve been going out quite often. I realize I don’t give the most exciting accounts of our dates, so I haven’t been writing about them for that reason. I went on dates with Danielle and Jennifer recently. They were a… Read more

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