This is one of those things that I already knew was true, but seeing it so blatantly displayed makes me feel like like I am finding out about it for the first time.

CIA is getting lazy


“It’s just a script whats the problem lol” the problem is that Fox, CNN, CBS, and all the other channels repped here, despite claiming to be different companies with different viewpoints, all had the exact same script, word for word, to push the exact same viewpoint that smaller, independent news outlets are Fake News and “A Threat To Our Democracy.”

The fact that they have scripts isn’t the problem. The problem is they all, each and every one, have the exact same script down to the letter and in some cases the fucking inflection, which basically reads “small news stations are untrustworthy and a Threat to your Way Of Life, only trust Us, We Are Verified.”

What Is This?

Most know that
the “Big Six” companies control 90% of all news, films, television and
newspapers in the United States (GE, Viacom, News Corp, Disney, CBS, and Time

What is less known: in 2017, information was leaked to the
public that the CIA is currently and actively engaged in “Operation
” in which the American intelligence agency crafts a specific
narrative and disseminates it each night to all American news stations. 
The crafted work contains a specific agenda to promote, sometimes even
providing the exact wording the news stations are to provide the public. 
According to the theory, the narrative is provided by CIA headquarters in
Langley, Virginia at 4 AM each morning (while
Americans are asleep)
 to the Big Six media conglomerates.  They, in turn,
pass it on to their news stations across America.  At the time, it was
considered to be nothing more than a conspiracy theory.

Thanks to the tin-foil hat
wearer who compiled this video.  By showing that CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox
News provide similar narratives and even sometimes word their reports exactly
the same way, it’s confirmation that Operation Mockingbird is more than just a
conspiracy theory … it’s conspiracy fact.  The CIA controls what you see
and hear.  So much for a “free press.”

This is
extremely dangerous to our democracy.

So What Can I Do?

same talking heads that you see in the video have told us we don’t have to
change the world, just our corner of it. 
There doesn’t need to be a revolt against government, just a revolution in
your mind.  Change the sources you seek
for information.  Personally, I use
Breitbart, Daily Wire, Daily Caller, National Review, Thomas Paine, WikiLeaks, and others
(most of these are conservative news sites.  I
would greatly appreciate it if my liberal friends would add left-wing alternate
media sites to this list.  Despite our
ideological differences, freedom is freedom, and everyone deserves to have a
list of alternative media sites).

be so quick to dismiss conspiracy theories. 
Many conspiracy theories have turned out to be fact after smaller,
independent investigative journalists have uncovered the truth.  Don’t believe everything you hear, of course
(that would be foolish), but use your critical thinking skills to ask questions
about what you see and hear.

an old British saying regarding media: “believe none of what you hear and half
of what you see.”

What Then?  How Do We Change Things?

awake is more than enough.  The greatest
threat to projects like Operation Mockingbird is that you, John/Jane Q. Public,
are aware of the agenda.  When everyone
is aware and starts asking questions about what they are shown and told, such operations
cease to be effective.