The Anti-Female Society’s FAQ for girls is finally here!

We asked tumblr females what questions they have about male supremacy, about our ideology, about their lives and about pretty much anything that comes to them in the moment. Often the most burning questions in your mind are the ones you ask when everything else is cleared out. Whatever you’re dying to understand, we hope we have it covered in the list below. Feel free to comment and add to this ever-growing list!

1. Why Are Men Superior To Women?

This is pretty much the number one question regardless of your viewpoint. We can try to condense it as much as we can, but frankly, its a big question, so let’s do our best here!

The obvious first-up is the one no-one really tries to argue with, and that is the difference in physique. Its also in some ways the least important in the modern world, thanks to the fact that men have automated and civilised the planet to the point that physical strength is less of a factor in the developed world. For the core fact of the matter, females have on average 70% of the muscle mass that males do.

Second up, intelligence. This is subject to so much hot debate its very difficult to clear out the angry fog and just get to the core idea. In order to understand this you need to know a little about past and present definitions of intelligence, but neither of those come out in favour of females. In terms of IQ, men have consistently been ahead of women in all tests on average, and in terms of the more modern and accurate g factor, males have a great advantage in cognitive skills and development as adults. Psychologically males are more resilient to stress, more capable of handling large amounts of information and more confident creatures.

In addition to all this, the civilisation you live in only exists because of male enterprise and effort. The reason why women have survived the process of natural selection (because, lets face it, women are not adapted for survival in the wild) is because they had the protection of a superior species. Its actually much harder to argue equality than it is male supremacy; its just harder to accept the latter emotionally.

2. If Male Supremacy Is Right, Why Do I Never Hear About It?

The short answer is, you do. You even live by it. When it comes up, such as when something complex or difficult needs doing, and males end up being the ones to do it, people might jokingly call it sexist or even criticise the situation, but the fact is men still end up doing what needs doing if its complicated.

Why you never hear it openly stated is that feminists have a censorship platform for any and all mention of it directly. Its something we know, but aren’t supposedly allowed to admit. If you want to understand how feminism has perverted the course of truth on the issue, try watching the wonderful documentary “The Gender Equality Paradox”, available on youtube.

3. How Can I Support Myself If I Can’t Have Equality?

Even though this is really a silly question, we understand why it gets asked. Women today are given the impression that if they can’t earn money like men do, work like men do and provide for themselves completely independently like men do, then they can’t survive. They will just dry up, die and evaporate on the spot.

The truth is that is nonsense. Even if you are earning money, living alone and paying your way, you are still completely relying on men. The industries, infrastructure and lifestyle you enjoy exist purely because of the male economy. It is no different when a woman chooses to rely on an individual man, and in fact its more personal, more real and more emotionally satisfying to do it that way. Ever wonder why independence leaves you feeling cold and machine-like? Give it some thought.

4. Why Are So Many Women Feminists?

Answer: women think not with reason, but with emotion. Women want to be equal to men, in many cases, because they have not been trained how to cope with and accept inferiority. In a woman’s mind, this goes from ‘I wish I was equal’ to ‘I secretly am equal, its just men who are oppressing me’ within the blink of an eye.

5. What Is The Perfect Woman Like?

Every man is different, so the ideal will always be slightly different. There are many things you can do which are good general rules, but the best way to be the perfect woman is to find out what your man thinks of as being worthy in a woman. Does he like total obedience? Does he like women who can hold conversations, or does he like it when they just shut up? Does he like  you to suggest things for you to do together, or does he prefer you wait for him to make that decision? Obedience and good manners are pretty much the only solid rules you should follow in any relationship with men.

Find icons, look for women who are popular with men and try to find out why. Seek to rid yourself of the traits your man finds repugnant in the women he dislikes. Remember: you are never perfect, you are only as good as your man says you are.

6. Why Do Men Prefer It If I Act Stupid?

Men don’t prefer it if you act stupid, they prefer it if you drop the act of being equal. It is an act, pretending to be on the same level, and it is very transparent. A woman desperately trying to seem an intellectual equal to a man is unattractive because it feels like she is trying to use the conversation to prove a point he disagrees with. A woman just being honest about what she is feels like a woman who is not deluded, but content.

Thanks for reading! Our FAQ’s will be updated regularly. Do feel free to throw a few more at us in the time being, and we’ll try our best to answer them. Until then, that’s all folks!

A very well written article, well researched and cited, and simple enough for even a girl to understand.

Kudos to the author.


I know what you’re thinking.  “Oh not another stupid spiral.  I just want to read.”

But have you ever asked yourself why you’re avoiding all the spirals you see on Tumblr?  Is it because you’re just a tiny bit afraid that one of these spirals could make your brain pop and turn you into a blank, mindless, Stepford doll?

Give it a try.  Just this once.  Get comfortable, stare into the spiral, and just let go of all the stress you’ve had.

You’ll love being transformed into a Stepford Girl.