Good Things Are In The Middle

There’s an Arabic saying:

خير الأمور أوسطها

It means “good things are in the middle.”  Extremism of any kind doesn’t work.

Take, for example, feminism.  While equality may seem like a good idea on paper, it’s not human nature.  For all of human history, women have been the support system for men while the men provided, protected, and cherished.  And when you consider intersectional feminism, a philosophy by which all White men are guilty of a crime they never committed, that’s extremism that doesn’t work.

But take a look at the other side of the coin.  Misogyny doesn’t work.  Oh sure, misogyny is fun for a sexual thrill, but it doesn’t make for a working relationship.  No man worth his salt is going to pay $20,000 for a girl’s plastic surgery only to have her stay home and lie in bed as a fucktoy while contributing nothing to the household.  Sex takes up maybe 1/6th of your day – ¼ of your day if your sex drive is incredibly high.  But what do you do for the other 8, 10, 20 hours of the day?  You have to have a working dynamic, and a misogyny dynamic just doesn’t work in the long run.

This is where the Men First movement comes in.  Sure, Men First advocates that the man’s pleasure comes first, that a man’s decision is better than the decision of a silly girl, and that a man speaks while the girl is silent, but it also means that the man holds doors open for his girl (thereby allowing the girl to go first), the man goes downstairs first when there’s a noise in the house at 2am, and when his girl is getting anxious, the man immediately stops what he’s doing to calm her down and reassure her that everything is fine.

Men First is the middle ground between feminism and misogyny.  

And good things are in the middle.


Mansplaining and the Natural Female Response

No matter how frustrated she seems to get when you mansplain to her, be assured that her annoyance stems from the fact that her brain tells her she should be treated like an equal, while her wet slit is telling her she should be on her knees worshiping every inch of you.

Her natural response to being treated like a mindless, inferior slut is to become one.


Girls Don’t Need College

What’s most interesting about photographing models is that the photographer and the viewer are not interested in the girl’s brains, her personality, the grades she got in school, her degree, or any of that nonsense.  They just want to the model to capture men’s attention.

And this is a perfect example of a girl who knows how to capture a man’s attention.  Nice tits, nice face, good makeup, nice body, completely vacant stare, and she looks like she couldn’t pass a 2nd grade math test.

So when you think you need that university education, just remember this girl.  While you’re in class, she’s working out.  While you’re cramming for finals, she’s perfecting her makeup routine.  While you’re working 12 hours a day as a waitress, she’s the customer whose latest man is buying her the dinner that you served.

If you think school is going to make you a smarter person, a wiser person, and grant you a bigger income and all the comforts of life, I have news for you: this girl gets things handed to her on a silver platter because she’s nothing more than three things:

Dumb, pretty, and submissive.

Give that some thought before classes start in September.


Give Her Commands, Not Requests.

When you give her an instruction, don’t be overly polite.

Don’t say:

Would you please hand me that book?

Could you please get me a coffee?

Would you mind handing that newspaper to me?

See, in your girl’s mind, those are decisions to be made.  “Would I please?” “Could I?”  “Would I mind?

Decisions like these complicate her world and the last thing she needs is more complications in her life.

At the same time, manners are important and by using them, you’re setting the politeness bar for her.

Instead of the above, try:

Please hand me that book.

Get me a coffee, please.

Hand that news paper to me, doll.

See?  Much simpler.  No decisions to be made, no thinking involved.  Easy, concise instructions make her head clearer and her heart lighter.

So when you give her an instruction, don’t leave anything to chance.  A short, memorable command – not request – is what she needs to hear.

And she’ll obey without question.