Make Her Rape Fantasy Come True.

If she has ever told you about her secret rape fantasy and you have a key to her place, choose a time when you know she’s sleeping, get dressed in all black, then sneak into her apartment and – you guessed it – make her fantasy a reality.

Wear the same cologne you usually do.  As soon as she catches the scent, she’ll recognize you but, rest assured, she still won’t make it easy for you.

She’ll be wetter than ever and her orgasm will be the most intense of her life.

When you’re done using her, growl into her ear, “don’t tell anyone about this, bitch.”  Then leave and trust that she’ll probably never even mention it to you.

Even if she keeps her home pitch black at night, don’t forget the balaclava.  

For bonus points, hold a popsicle stick against her neck and tell her it’s a knife.  If it’s dark, she won’t be able to tell.

She’ll never forget that special “date night” with you.


Gaslight Her

Your girl serves many purposes, but don’t forget that she can provide a great deal of personal amusement.

One such form of entertainment is gaslighting.  By making her question her own memories and even her sanity, she’ll keep you entertained for hours.

Make sure you’ve both signed a consent agreement before you do it to her, but by gaslighting her until she thinks she might be losing her mind, you’ll find she bends more easily to your will and is more interesting to be around.