FAQ – Why Are You A Polygamist?

The easy answer is that I’m in love with two girls and decided to marry them both.

Isn’t Polygamy Illegal?

Technically, yes. In Canada, polygamy (marrying more than one person) is illegal. But the laws against polygamy are very Victorian and out of date.

Section 2(a) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms talks about Canadians’ right to observe their religion without harassment from the government (similar to most Constitutions). The Canadian polygamy laws have been considered to be unconstitutional for many years, but have never been challenged. I have registered a church in my home city to fight this on religious grounds should the need arise. I have a Constitutional lawyer on retainer just in case.

Can’t You Be Arrested?

Technically, yes. But there are many polygamist families in Canada who have never been arrested. In fact, there are some rural towns in Canada where the number of polygamist families outnumber two person couples. The reason the Canadian government doesn’t make any arrests is because they know the laws against polygamy are unconstitutional (they were written in the late 1800’s before our Charter of Rights and Freedoms was ratified), and if they make an arrest based on that, it’ll be challenged all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. If that happens, the law will most likely be struck down and polygamy will become completely legal. With that in mind, the Canadian government has ordered police forces in Canada not to make arrests based on polygamy laws, simply because they don’t want the laws struck down.

What Does Your Family Think About This?

My family is not an issue. I’m a grown man and determine my own destiny. My parents, being nearly 90, are opposed to polygamy and advised against it. One of my sisters supports me, the other does not. My son and daughter-in-law say that I should do whatever makes me happiest.

They’re all aware that an arrest is possible, but they all know I have the money and the resources to fight this in court.

Wouldn’t This Be An Expensive Court Battle?

Yes, but that’s not really an issue. If I’m arrested, I would fight my arrest on religious grounds all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. If I win (and I surely would), I can sue the Canadian government for legal expenses for “unjust arrest”. This has happened before in Canada when laws are overturned and will happen again in the future. I would recoup all of my expenses (plus damages) from the government of Canada.

How Does It Work? Do You Sleep Together?

We go on separate and family dates to keep our bonds close. We will soon be getting a custom sized bed that will allow us all to sleep together.

How Old Are Your Wives?

Amelie is 21 as of 2023. Jennifer is 23. I’m dating two more girls, Cadence (22) and Grace (19).

What About Children?

We have decided not to have children. I have a son (he’s 29) and a grandson. I raised my son alone and am quite done with raising children. Amelie and Grace are incapable of having children due to birth defects. Jennifer and Cadence don’t want children. I’m having a vasectomy so that Jennifer and Cadence don’t have to be on the pill.

Where Do You Live?

I won’t be too specific for privacy reasons, but we live in a large house in Central Ontario, Canada next to a lake. We live in what is considered a moderately sized city with all the amenities we need. Our city is rather wealthy and it is not a polygamy-heavy city. Other smaller towns around us, however, are polygamy-heavy.

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment and ask. I usually respond within a couple of hours.


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