The Happiness Guarantee

There’s a reason the Patriarchy exists.

Let’s face it: girls are dumb. Without male guidance and approval, they’d barely be able to function. But thanks to the Patriarchy, girls have purpose.

And whether that purpose is being a piece of furniture, an object to be admired, or as a sex toy, men will always make sure girls feel useful.

Girls are dumb. That’s no secret. But inside that dumdum brain is the need to feel useful, to have purpose, and to put a smile on your face.

Give her purpose. Make her feel useful. Smile when she pleases you.

Do those things and she’s guaranteed to be happy.



As a traditional man in a relationship, you’re more like a father-figure than a spouse. After all, your traditional, submissive girl is closer to an emotional toddler than an adult, so you have to be the one to guide her.

Be sure to use the BAR system with her – give her Boundaries, shower her with Affection, and give her a strict Routine to see her blossom.

Good fathers use the BAR system with their children to see them grow up healthily and you need to do the same with your girl to see her thrive.

She calls you “Daddy” for a reason.


On the Climate Change Hoax

The first principle [of science] is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.

-Dr. Richard P. Feynman

To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

-Mark Twain

It has been reported in the journal Science that migratory birds are shrinking in size and number over the past 40 years – probably due to a warming climate limiting their food supply – a hypothesis that the authors themselves admit is dubious.

But ornithologists acknowledge that although there is, indeed, a shrinkage in the number of birds, it is more likely due to man encroaching on avian habitat – a phenomenon that is proven and verifiable.

The fact is that records indicate the earth’s temperatures have been climbing over the past 40 years. But if we extend our research, we find that the records show the earth’s temperatures over the past 120 years have dropped dramatically – they peaked in the 1930s and have not even come close to those levels since.

When your only response to every problem is “climate change!“, climate change becomes your only plausible response.

The “scientists” who wrote the Science article fooled themselves and seem to be the easiest to fool.

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.


Humiliate Her … Just a Little

Instead of referring to her as “honey” or “baby”, sprinkle a little humiliation into your conversation – but be sure to make it possessive.

Such as:

Good night, my little dummy.

What are you baking, my sweet little idiot?

Get me a coffee, my little slut.

By using the word “my” followed by a gently humiliating name, she’ll feel owned, dominated, and wet.