Gentlemen: Improve YOUR Skill Sets Too

I write a lot about girls perfecting their skills and gaining a better skill set to make themselves more valuable to men.  But what about a man’s skill set?

One of the vows you make to her is to protect her.  But if you don’t know martial arts or how to use a weapon, your chances of successfully defending her in a physical altercation are greatly decreased.

If you’re in the United States, get yourself a gun and – here’s the key – take lessons on how to use it effectively and safely.  Practice regularly.  Go to the range at least once a week.

No matter where you are, get into martial arts.  One of the hottest martial arts right now is Jiu Jitsu and, in fact, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lessons can be taken online.  Until you’ve reached your blue belt, you’re not proficient in any form of hand-to-hand combat.

It’s important that men improve their skill sets too.  It makes us more valuable to the weaker sex and, if you’re a man who intends to remain single for the rest of your life, teaches you self-discipline and gives you confidence.


Just Because He Calls You “Princess” Doesn’t Mean The Whole Relationship Is About You.

You may be a princess, darling, but if you don’t give him space to work, to pursue outside interests, to hang with his friends, to read, to spend quiet time alone reflecting, you’re no princess, you’re deadweight.

Be supportive.  The best princesses want to see their kings reach greater heights.


Remember, Girls …

Sure, you’re a capable Traditional Gender Roles partner for a man, but always remember that – at times – you’re nothing more than a toy for his personal amusement.

Your man has stressful days and needs entertainment.  Sports can get boring and Traditional men are generally not big gamers.  That’s where you come in.  By encouraging him to hit you, gaslight you, and treat you like nothing more than a mindless toy, you’re giving him stress-relief and fulfilling your purpose.

Besides, you know you’re not going to complain about slapping, gaslighting, and being his empty-headed doll.

Be a toy for him.  You’ll both be happier.


Defer To Him



Defer to him as much as you can.

A friend asks if you can come over tonight?  Tell her you have to ask him.

A salesman wants to know if you want to buy that product today?  Tell him you have to ask your man.

You want to buy something?  Ask your man if you can afford it.

When you defer to him, you’re allowing him the opportunity to create reality out of the vision he has for the relationship and, believe it or not, he does have a vision.

Besides, deferring to your man on even the smallest issues will make him feel needed and will make you feel like he’s in control of your universe – and that lowers your stress level.

Don’t fool yourself into the common girl-trap of “I don’t want to bother him.”  He absolutely loves to be asked these kinds of questions.  You’re handing more control of your life over to him every time you ask his permission for something.  You’ll find your man always, always, always has time for more control.

Defer to him.  You’ll both be happier.


I just tested this by asking Daddy if I should eat maple flavored oatmeal or cinnamon. The reaction I got for asking him something so simple? 😍😍 I made a mental note to ask his opinion or permission for much more in the future…

Isn’t it amazing how many decisions he wants to make for you, but you’ve been denying him that pleasure because you think it “bothers” him when you ask too many questions?

Men crave control over their girl.  For about 90% of men, they’ll give you a straight, clear answer for even the simplest questions.  You could ask him whether you should use mint or bubblegum flavored toothpaste and you can bet he’ll have an answer.

The problem is that girls think he’s too busy to be bothered with such silly questions, or that he doesn’t have time, or that he doesn’t want to decide.  That’s incorrect.  He wants these things desperately.  

All you have to do is ask.

I’m glad you tried it and I’m glad it’s working for you. Keep it up!


Offer Your Submission

One of the problems when beginning a relationship these days is that some girls

(not all, mind you, but some)

want their man to start dominating them and force them into a form of false subjugation.

That’s a mistake.

Because of current laws and social taboos, men can’t just force themselves upon you or into your life.  If you want him to take control, you’re going to have to offer your submission to him, not wait for him to take it.

When you begin to ask his permission for things, kneel without being asked, and ask that he make decisions for you, you’re offering up your submission and giving consent for him to dominate you.  Once he has that green light, watch him become the dominant man you always dreamed of.

Don’t wait for him to demand your submission.  He won’t.  

Offer it to him instead.