My new ebook is now available!

My new book, A Man Explained It To Me!: Everyday Topics Mansplained So Well That Even A Woman Can Understand Them by Mr. V. I. Stepford is now available on Amazon.  Below are links to various countries where you can purchase it:







The Netherlands







Price is $2.99 USD for Kindle edition.


New Book To Be Released Soon!

Amazon is currently reviewing my new book,  A Man Explained It To Me!: Everyday Topics Mansplained So Well That Even A Woman Can Understand Them by Mr. V. I. Stepford, for publication.

I expect the book will be released by January 23, 2019, but I will certainly keep you all informed when the book goes live on Amazon.

It is only in Kindle format right now, but I should have the paperback version available within a week.

This will be the first in the Mansplaining Series by Mr. V. I. Stepford.


Consensual Gaslighting

Gaslight her with phrases like:

“You’re such a silly girl.  That never happened.”

“That’s funny … that’s not what you said last week.”

“You don’t seriously believe what you just said, do you?”

Once you have consent, make her question herself for your personal amusement.

After all, she’s just a toy.


The Ultimate Gaslight


Once you’ve completed your Certified Hypnotist training course, put your girl into trance.

Tell her to forget the number 7.  Suggest that it doesn’t exist.

Once you’ve brought her out of Highly Suggestible State, have her count her fingers.  She’ll count them over and over again knowing that it’s impossible that she has 11 fingers.

Tell her, “I knew you were dumb, but I didn’t think you were that dumb.”


Remember, Girls …


Sure, you’re a capable Traditional Gender Roles partner for a man, but always remember that – at times – you’re nothing more than a toy for his personal amusement.

Your man has stressful days and needs entertainment.  Sports can get boring and Traditional men are generally not big gamers.  That’s where you come in.  By encouraging him to hit you, gaslight you, and treat you like nothing more than a mindless toy, you’re giving him stress-relief and fulfilling your purpose.

Besides, you know you’re not going to complain about slapping, gaslighting, and being his empty-headed doll.

Be a toy for him.  You’ll both be happier.


Remember, everyone … consent, consent, consent.

Gaslighting = Fun

One of the best ways to gaslight her is to use the simple phrase, “I know you better than you know yourself, and you’re wrong.

Suddenly, she becomes confused.  She starts questioning herself.  “It’s true.  He knows me really well.  Could he be right?  Am I wrong?

Inevitably, she’ll come back to you and say something like, “if I’m wrong, what makes you think you’re right?

That’s the perfect opportunity to talk down to her like she’s a toddler.  Yes, she’ll get even more frustrated but the physical effects – her instant arousal – are undeniable.

Gaslighting can be a lot of fun.  Make sure you have consent to do it, but once you do, make her question the very core of her beliefs for your amusement.


Gaslight Her

Your girl serves many purposes, but don’t forget that she can provide a great deal of personal amusement.

One such form of entertainment is gaslighting.  By making her question her own memories and even her sanity, she’ll keep you entertained for hours.

Make sure you’ve both signed a consent agreement before you do it to her, but by gaslighting her until she thinks she might be losing her mind, you’ll find she bends more easily to your will and is more interesting to be around.