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[insert word]”sexual” and its harmful effects

I was just looking on Twitter and noticed that “Cuomosexual” is trending because of Chris and Andrew’s close relationship.

I have noticed in the past how people have characterized close male bonding relationships from the 1960s as “homo erotic relationships”.

This is really harmful, people.  Men have the ability to have profoundly close relationships without them being erotic or sexual in any way.  To classify these relationships as anything other that genuinely close friendship is harmful to men, harmful to their friendships, and is a distorted view of relationships.

Before you ever classify a male relationship as homoerotic or sexual, remember that men have the ability to bond closer than they do with women for the simple reason that they have so much in common.


Guard Your Thoughts

There are going to be times in your Traditional Gender Role relationship where you want to clapback at him or you’re going to want to prove you have a clever wit.

Don’t bother.  Don’t even think that way.  Put those thoughts out of your head.

Whatever you think about, you will make reality.  And if you hold any animosity toward your man, it will reveal itself in your actions.

Guard your thoughts.  Once you think it, you create it – good or bad.



“You Can Be Right, Or You Can Be Happy.”

I heard a man say something the other day that I think more applies to women.  He said that when he was about to get married, his father told him, “in marriage, you can be right, or you can be happy.”

And I suppose if your wife wears the pants in the family, that’s true.

But in Traditional Gender Roles, it’s the woman’s decision – she can be right, or she can be happy.  She can be the strong-willed little feminist icon rebelling against her husband’s every word or she can choose to be happy, instead.

And with women’s overall happiness decreasing, I would think women would choose to be happy, not necessarily right.