I’m sending the girls a dozen long stem red roses each. There’s a florist in town that has a super fast turn around time and if I order now, they’ll be on the afternoon delivery truck.

I think I’ll send Alyssandra a dozen long stem yellow roses too.


Monday Morning Meeting

It was a lot nicer just walking into my office instead of having to drive half an hour to work this morning. I like it.

I had a meeting with the director of operations. I told him my idea for changing heavy cardboard boxes to bubble wrap envelopes for shipping. He says that 86% of our shipments are one piece or two pieces and that the smallest box is always used, so a bubble-wrap envelope would definitely save some money. He’s going to have his team mock up some numbers for me and he’s going to get back to me to make a final decision (and take it to Amelie to sign off on it).

I’ve plugged in the fridge in my kitchenette and it seems to be working fine. The filters are installed for the water dispenser and ice maker so that shouldn’t be a problem. The ice should be produced tomorrow, apparently.

I have a barber’s appointment in my office at 2pm today with Leo, so I’m looking forward to that. My beard is looking a little ratty.

Jennifer and Amelie are looking beautiful today. They’re both wearing short skirts, black stockings, and sweaters with low-cut necks. Nice.


Dinner and Conversation

I’m sitting in my office enjoying a glass of Scotch, a pipe, and a fire. We’ve had dinner already and Amelie cooked.

She made honey garlic chicken with steamed rice and steamed broccoli with sweet butter. It was absolutely delicious. We had garlic bread with cheese as an appetizer and ice cream for dessert. Very good stuff.

We got everything done today; all the paintings are hung, so are the diplomas, the furniture is all placed, the humidor is turned on, the books are put away, and my clothes are hanging in my huge walk in closet.

The guys finished work on the kitchenette in the ante-room today and the fridge will be turned on tomorrow.

Over dinner, the girls asked me why I haven’t asked Alyssandra out for dinner yet. I told them that she had several flaws: her body count was too high, she was too tall, and she wasn’t as polite as I would expect. I told them I could pass by the height thing and I could teach her to be more polite, but the body count is unchangeable and is non-negotiable. The girls said they understood and hoped I found someone else. I’m not sure about that. I have my hands full with two girls, let alone three.

I’m smoking hazelnut tobacco and it’s very good. So is my Scotch. My favourite chair is always comfortable, so I’m going to go relax and drink my Scotch and finish my pipe.


What To Do?

I was thinking about the limousine and what to do with it when we get the luxury van. I figured, “ah hell, I’ll just sell it and get it out of my hair.”

But then I thought, “Daniel could use it to start his own business.” So when he dropped off the limousine today, I drove him home. I asked him if he wanted the limousine to start his own business. He said, “I haven’t got time to drive the limousine any more than I do for you.” I said, “hire somebody. You pay them $20 an hour plus tips to drive it for you, but you charge $50 per hour to rent it out. You’ll make a killing.”

He said, “my God, you’re right. Yes, please! I’d like the limousine when you get the van. Thank you, Sir!”

So I’ve found a place to get rid of the limousine and Daniel is starting his own limousine business at the age of 23. Not bad, young lad. Not bad.


Daniel is Bringing the Limo

I’ve called Daniel and asked him to bring the limo to my new home. It’s a bit of a drive for him to now take us out, but he says he wants to keep doing it – it’s a good gig. I told him we’ll increase his wage to $700 per week to make up for the extra gas he has to spend. He thought that was quite generous. I’ll drive him home once he drops off the limousine.

I have to spend most of tomorrow changing my address on all of my official documents. That’s going to be a huge pain in the ass. I’ve got a meeting with the director of operations at 10, then I’ve got my barber coming in to take care of my beard and head at 2:30 or something, then I’ve got to spend the rest of the day changing my address. What a terrible Monday.


My Office Kitchenette

Friday and Saturday, the guys were working hard on my kitchen in my office. The sink, counter, and taps were installed and so was just about everything but the fridge.

I just found out the fridge arrives today and will be hooked up to the water supply today. We can’t turn it on until tomorrow and it won’t start making ice until Tuesday, but it’s definitely progress!

It looks great in there, too!


Dinner Last Night at Home

After we were done moving, Amelie asked me to have a shower because we would be having dinner together.

I showered and got dressed into a suit. Then I met the girls downstairs in the dining room.

Amelie told me it wasn’t supposed to be a big meal. We started off with Hungarian meat soup which was sausage, bacon, and beef in a savory broth. Very nice.

After that, we had Chicken Paprikash with whipped potatoes and green beans.

For dessert, we had apple pie a la mode.

The whole dinner was delicious. There’s something Samantha does to food that makes it absolutely delicious.

So after dinner, we relaxed in the parlour and had tea and brandy. Very good stuff. We talked about the move and how successful it was. Then we talked about our plans for setting everything up today.

Today, we have to hang paintings, put books away, put trophies on shelves, hang diplomas, and place furniture. It’s going to be a busy day, but there won’t be half the muscle work that we did yesterday.

Last night, before I went to bed, I asked Amelie where the remote was for the fireplace in the guest room. She found it for me and I slept with the fire blazing. About 3:30am, I got too hot and I had to turn it off.

Today’s a much milder day (-3C, 26.6F). Before long, I won’t be able to sit in front of a fire because it’ll be too warm.

This morning, Samantha made me my usual, two sunny side up eggs and 3 pieces of buttered toast. I don’t know why, but it tastes better when she makes it.



We successfully moved everything, including my cabinet humidor, paintings, books, clothes, furniture, everything, into my new home.

We’re going to stop for the weekend and I’m going to transfer $500 to each of the people who helped today.

Tomorrow we have to set everything up except the humidor. It’s so fragile that we set it up as soon as it was here. The guys were very gentle with it too and the cabinet suffered absolutely no damage. It looks great. I even plugged it in and filled it with distilled water to keep it moist. The entire humidor is electronic (it controls the humidity and temperature inside the cabinet) so we had to be super careful. I’ve put all of my cigars and tobacco back inside. It’s now in my office away from the windows – sunshine affects the temperature inside of it.

Tomorrow will see the paintings hung, my clothes pressed and put away properly, the books put away, the furniture set up properly and all of my diplomas, trophies, etc. put away properly.

This move was very successful. Now I can start living my life with Amelie and Jennifer in the same home as me.


SuperBowl Party

Now that I’m living in my new home (I can say that and not be ashamed), I’ve decided to invite the guys up for a Superbowl Party next weekend. We’ll watch it in the theatre. I’m inviting Jennifer, Amelie, my son, my daughter-in-law, my grandson, and my friends Mike, Ross, and Will. I’ve already asked them and they say they have no plans, so I’m going to make it happen. I’ll get the butler to make tons of chicken wings and nachos and be sure to have a keg of beer on tap (Amelie has a full wet bar with taps). I’m going to rent a 9 person limousine and have Daniel pick everyone up and drive them home so that nobody gets busted for drinking and driving.

Time to get back to moving!