I’m so glad your anons are on. What are your thoughts on a 1 night role reversal? I kinda want to spank my boyfriend so he knows what punishments are like for me and give him a lecture like he gives me. but it sounds like it might be imasuclating and i may get spanked just for suggesting it. Your thoughts? 23/f/5’4/150/Us .. i hope i did that right.

hehe … I accepted that challenge once.  My girl wanted to see if we could do role reversal for 24 hours.  We didn’t make it 45 minutes before she said, “can we stop please?  This feels SO unnatural” and we stopped.

I wouldn’t do it again.  Like she said, it felt completely unnatural.  I felt like I was lying to her the entire time.

There’s no harm in suggesting anything, but it’s a matter of how you go about it.  Perhaps instead of approaching it from a “let’s see how you like it” perspective, you could approach it from the angle of “let’s have some fun and shake up our comfort zones”.  He might be more receptive.

Warning: He may like it.  If he does, prepare for a seismic shift in your relationship dynamic.

You did it right.

5 pieces of information.  Gold Star!  Very good girl!


He does remind me I’m a good girl, but honestly, we’ve been together 12 years and I think, sometimes, when you become so used to hearing something from someone, it loses its meaning. He aways reminds me after a punishment, but I never feel like a good girl after a punishment. I feel like a pain in the @$$. Like every other girl out there is better than me. But that’s probably my insecurities speaking. Your page is just always a nice reminder and makes me smile. 30/F/4’10″/104lbs/USA

Thank you very much for the compliment.

I completely understand about how longevity in a relationship can kind of dull things down, especially common phrases like “good girl” and “I love you.”  We know the other person means it, but hearing it from the same mouth for so long does have that dulling effect.

Sounds like you two need a vacation together.  I’d recommend Cuba, but you’re American, so consider Turks & Caicos.  Great place.

5 pieces of information.  Gold Star!  Very good girl!


The Menu For Mails

Before the purge, when people would inbox me, I had a system:

If you provide 1 piece of information (gender) about yourself, you get a “good girl.”

2 pieces (age, gender) = “good girl!”

3 pieces (age, gender, other relevant piece) = “very good girl.”

4 pieces (age, gender, 2 other relevant pieces) = “very good girl!”

5 pieces (all in the correct order – age, gender, height, weight, country) = Gold Star + “very good girl!”

5 pieces of information (all in correct order, plus you are active military personnel or veteran) = Platinum Star + “very good girl!”

5 pieces of information (all in correct order, and older than me) = Diamond Star + “very good girl!”


I needed to hear (read) that “good girl.” I got in some trouble today, got the belt, had my grammar corrected, and just overall felt anything but “good.” Thanks, VIS! 30/F/4’10″/104lbs/USA

Perhaps he needs to remind you of something:

You’re always a good girl.  You may behave poorly sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you’re a bad girl.  You’re never a “bad girl” unless you’re in that kind of mood.  No one and nothing can make you a bad girl except you.

You remembered how to get Gold Stars!  I need to post the Gold Star menu again.

5 pieces of information!  Gold star!  Very good girl!




The number of women joining tumblr, instagram and various other sites just to look at misogyny blogs is growing every day. You may well be a woman reading this who feels that strong connection to what you’re seeing, even if you feel like you should be repulsed by it. The journey from feminist to Male Supremacist is a tricky one and can go back and forth, so here are a few simple things you can look out for to see if you are becoming a Male Supremacist.

1. You feel more sexually active

Feminism simply isn’t sexy. Its not like sex is all that matters, but that is just the truth. Equality is boring, vanilla and middle-of-the-road. Its also unnatural, but we’ll get to that. Most likely the thing you’re noticing most is how insanely horny you are compared to how you felt before. Where once you were annoyed by constant propositions from men, you’re now secretly on the lookout for them. You want men to find you attractive.

2. You find your female friends irritating

Women are annoying, we all know that. Well, most of us do. Those who entertain equality force themselves to accept or ignore problems in the female character, but once your eyes are opened you begin to realise that the whining, the bitching and the back-stabbing are things life is simply too short for, and most importantly, not things you actually have to put up with.

3. You want to watch movies/read books that have male leads

This might have been true before but its even more true now. Entertainment that has a strong, masculine man at its heart is much more appealing to you now. Once upon a time, the damsel in distress character pissed you off. Now you have a yearning bubbling under the surface that you want to be her!

4. You want to stay inside more

Maybe its because your friends are all such bitches, or maybe its because its a cold time of year, but even in the summer you’re going to feel like staying in. Your instinct to remain behind closed doors, inside the cave, behind the walls of the town, or even literally inside a cage, is taking over. You are realising that you are a fully domesticated creature that has been fighting its nature for years.

5. You find sexist jokes or comments funny or exciting

You may still outwardly act offended, but deep down you’re starting to wish you could be a fly on a wall when groups of men meet and drink. You want to hear what they say about women. Maybe you’re even still kidding yourself that its strictly for research purposes – maybe you’ll write an article about misogyny? – but the truth is you’re starting to love the sound of sexism.

6. You’re more aware of male strengths and female weaknesses

Not that you didn’t notice before, but… has it always been that hard to lift things? Have you always been that bad at math? Why does it feel like the male friends you’ve made recently are all talking about things you don’t understand? Why didn’t your female friends talk about that? Wait… have men always talked about intellectual stuff? I thought it was just cars and girls

7. You’re having fantasies about being dominated

Sure, you had these before, but they were really just fairytale things. You’re starting to want this to happen. Its getting extreme, stuff you’re afraid of yourself for even thinking. Being kidnapped, being tied up, being caged, being used repeatedly. Maybe you still don’t want all of it to happen, but its so exciting. You want to be used.

8. Work/college feels different

You still like your job, but lately you’ve noticed how much you’ve exaggerated your role there. Are you really essential to the company, or was the boss just trying to keep you from getting upset by saying that? Do you really work all that hard? Do you female coworkers? Or do you spend an awful lot of time chatting, bitching and moaning? Are those grades really representing how smart you are, or did you just rote-learn and then repeat? Do you really get any of this?

9. Things that once outraged you now excite you

Girls kneeling before strong men. Girls in collars. Articles talking about studies into female intelligence. “Domestic bliss”. Even female nudity is suddenly arousing, not because you want to fuck that girl suspended in a harness, but because you want to be her.

10. You don’t want to vote

It just feels wrong now. Maybe you never did before because you didn’t care, but now you really don’t want to. Even if your man would let you, you would feel out of place doing it, like a child driving a car. What if I screw it up?

11. You are starting to really hate the word “feminism”

Its such a stupid word anyway! You hate that it exists. Just hearing it kind of ruins your day, makes you irritable and anxious. You wish feminists would just go away, you don’t know exactly why – or aren’t prepared to say yet – but they just irritate the living Hell out of you.

12. You want to apologise to men

Why? Who knows, but the instinct is there. You just want to apologise. You want to grovel. You aren’t at all sure what you’re apologising for but, damn you feel guilty about something. Embarrassed. Humiliated. You want forgiveness. You want to be absolved. You want to make it up to men, somehow. 

The wonderful thing is, you can! 

@femenineprincess Thnk you for sharing this. The Patriarchy is pleased with you. 😉

I am genuinely impressed by this article.  Well thought out, well worded.

If you’re noticing some of these things happening in your life, it may be time to question whether you’re really a feminist anymore.  That doesn’t mean that you like misogyny (the opposite of feminism is not misogyny), but it does mean that you need to re-evaluate the label you use for yourself.

Perhaps you’re like me and support the Men First movement.  Perhaps you’re not there yet.  But at least look back and try to realize how much you’ve grown in a very short time.


I see you’ve made a few posts mentioning hypnosis/programming now. Have you actually taken a certified hypnotist course?

Before the purge, I actually posted a fair bit about hypnosis and reprogramming, Hence the “Stepford” part of my screenname.

Yes.  I completed a Certified Hypnotherapy (CHT) training course.  It was 20 years ago, but the principles are as valid today as they were then.

There’s 2 important reasons why a person interested in hypnosis should take a CH or CHT course.

1) You learn about ethics which is critical when playing with the human mind.

2) Sometimes things go wrong in hypnosis and it’s important to know how to recover a session quickly, safely, and calmly.

Some people claim they know how to hypnotize by reading junk like “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Hypnosis” but that’s B.S.  You don’t learn about things like spontaneous regression and recovery in beginner books.  They’re only meant to give you a taste of the techniques and emphasize why it’s important to get properly trained.

Thanks for the ask.


The Ultimate Gaslight

Once you’ve completed your Certified Hypnotist training course, put your girl into trance.

Tell her to forget the number 7.  Suggest that it doesn’t exist.

Once you’ve brought her out of Highly Suggestible State, have her count her fingers.  She’ll count them over and over again knowing that it’s impossible that she has 11 fingers.

Tell her, “I knew you were dumb, but I didn’t think you were that dumb.”