You know the girls who have cute faces and innocent voices?  The ones who are overly polite, completely adorable, and like to serve you food and drink just to see you smile?

Yeah, they’re also the sickest, most twisted girls you’ll ever meet.

God bless ‘em.


Casually Degrade Her


If your girl enjoys it, try dropping little degrading comments into your everyday speech.

“Good morning, my little bitch in heat.”

“Dinner smells good!  What are we having my sweet little fucktoy?”

“Be a good little slut and get me a drink, would you?”

If you pepper it into your speech and combine it with manners and a loving tap on the ass, you’ll give her the chills.

Vintage In Stepford

Traditional Gender Roles are simple: he protects, provides, and helps her grow.  In return, she takes care of his needs, cares for his home, and becomes his stress-reliever.

If that’s not a simple relationship with no complications, I don’t know what is.