If you are a woman in business who is acting like man in order to be seen as an equal, be aware that you will be treated as an equal, which means you are one whom men believe must be defeated and eliminated.

If, however, you are a woman in business who is behaving in a feminine manner, you will be treated as the unconscious and mute side of the male psyche, a viewpoint which men cannot tap into and, therefore, you are not to be defeated or eliminated but, instead, considered as as an asset because you can tell businessmen something about themselves that they would rather not admit.

Put 12 men in a room and they will not admit a puppy is cute.  Put one feminine woman in that room, and suddenly the men let down their guards and admit the puppy is adorable.

Every business needs its soft side to sell its products.  Your key to success is being the soft, feminine, delicate side of your company.  By doing so, you make yourself indispensable.


“Don’t Speak Unless Spoken To.”

One of the reasons your girl is unsure about practicing the “don’t speak unless spoken to” rule is because, frankly, she’s never tried it.

Take a weekend when neither of you have plans and instruct her to do exactly that.

You’ll find she feels more submissive and respectful when she’s forced to hold her tongue.