All this talk of right wing people being “literal Nazis” is watering down the term Nazi.

We have to always remember how incredibly evil the Nazis were. The didn’t just have evil intentions, they carried them out with ruthless efficiency.

To call someone on the modern right wing a Nazi is to disrespect those who survived the Nazi Death Camps.



The feminist theory that objectification of women is wrong is unjustifiable. Men automatically objectify women and now women – in this modern age of female sexual autonomy – have begun to automatically objectify men.

Neither one of these things is wrong – they’re completely natural internal reactions to external stimuli. To say that objectification of the opposite sex is wrong is to say that attraction to the opposite sex is wrong which, of course, it isn’t.

Objectification is the all-natural process of seeking a suitable mate.


How to Build a 1950s Household


If you want a 1950s relationship with your partner, be sure you’ve acquired important skills that will benefit the household like:


Baking (especially bread)




You can learn any of these skills from YouTube or by taking lessons.

Remember that a man can hire someone to do any of these 5 things. Your job is to make sure he doesn’t have to.