Day 1 of Moving is Finished

Well, we’ve decided to end our day on a positive note. All the paintings are moved in (they still have to be hung) and the furniture is in the house, but not placed where I want it.

Most of the paintings and furniture are going in my office because we’ve decided on our personal spaces. Mine will be my office because it has everything I need and want and Amelie won’t miss it – she never used it. The girls’ personal space will be the Great Room so that they have a nice fireplace and plenty of light (there are huge windows in the Great Room and a beautiful southern exposure with a fabulous view of the lake). Amelie claimed her den as her personal space and Jennifer claimed the tea room in the Master Suite as hers. So we’ve divided up the house nicely and everyone is happy with their choices. Not that we can’t go into each others’ personal space – we can, of course – but when we want to be alone, we’re expected to stay out. When the girls want to drink and laugh by a fire, they’ll go to the Great Room. When I want to drink and smoke a pipe and be alone with a fire, I’ll go to my office.

I think this is going to work out well, but there’s more moving to do tomorrow, then we have to hang the paintings and place the furniture where I want it.


Shower Thoughts (Cost Savings)

I was having a shower and thought about how to cut costs for the company.

We do a lot of business online and ship our product in cardboard boxes. What if we went to a lighter material or just shipped in a bubble wrap envelope? That would protect the product and cut our shipping costs by a huge margin.

I’m going to talk to my director of operations to see if this is feasible. I’ll schedule a meeting for Monday.


We’re Moving ALL My Stuff!

I called my son to see if he’d help me pack some stuff this weekend and he suggested just packing it all up and moving everything. I called Amelie to see if that was okay and she said, “of course it is!” so I’m moving in this weekend!

I’m just going to stay in their guest room until we’re married, but I’ve got a lot to move. All my alcohol, all my clothes, all my favourite furniture, it’s all got to be moved. My son says he’ll get a friend of his to help him move the furniture, so that’s good, we don’t need a professional. All I have to do is buy pizza and beer for them. Then my son can move into my place and have the whole house to himself.

I’m looking forward to this. It’s the perfect weekend to do it, too, with it being a three day weekend.


Spending the Weekend at Amelie’s

Amelie and Jennifer called. They want to come over and help me pack my clothes, then they want me to spend the weekend there. I asked where I would sleep and Amelie said I could sleep in the big guest room (their large guest room is massive). So I said sure. They’re going to help me pack some more paintings and clothes then I’m heading over there for the weekend. I’m taking my duvet with me. It’s supposed to be cold all weekend.

This will be a nice trial run to see if I still get alone time.


Just a Few Morning Thoughts

Normally, when I’m off work, I get up at about 4:30am or so. This morning was so cold (-42C, -43.6F) that I slept in until 9am because I didn’t want to get out from under the goose down duvet. That thing is so warm it’s incredible. I’m definitely taking that with me when I move into Amelie’s house. They have a goose down duvet, but I want my own so that my wives don’t steal all the covers. lol

I’m going to make my usual breakfast of two sunny-side-up eggs, three pieces of buttered toast, and a cup of tea. Then I’m going to sit in the sunroom and watch the world go by. It’s sunny here today, so that’s nice.

I was right yesterday about sleeping well. I slept like a log all night long.



Tonight, as usual, I spent the night alone.

I made penne with pesto for dinner and Caesar salad with garlic bread. My mother makes homemade pesto and freezes some for me. I pick it up every time I go to their place. It was delicious. I had a big glass of Barolo with dinner.

After dinner, I cleaned up and retired to the Great Room. I poured myself a glass of sparkling ice water with lime, then mixed myself a glass of grog (rum and lime juice), packed myself a pipe of hazelnut tobacco, and relaxed in front of a beautiful fire. My Cajun tobacco was excellent, by the way. Very peppery and spicy, but very smooth.

There’s no work tomorrow because of the temperature tonight. It’s supposed to be -40 C in the morning (-40 C is -40 F). No one’s going into work. Even my son, who will work in almost any conditions, isn’t going into work tomorrow.

I called Amelie and Jennifer to say good night and they both said they can’t wait until I move in so that after my evening alone, we can all climb in to bed together.

That’s going to be awesome.


FAQ – Why I’m a Polygamist

Who Are You?

You can read all about me here.

Why Are You a Polygamist?

The easy answer is that I’m in love with two girls and have decided to marry them both.

Isn’t Polygamy Illegal?

Technically, yes. In Canada, polygamy (marrying more than one person) is illegal. But the laws against polygamy are very Victorian and out of date.

Section 2(a) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms talks about Canadians’ right to observe their religion without harassment from the government (similar to most Constitutions). The Canadian polygamy laws have been considered to be unconstitutional for many years, but have never been challenged. I have registered a church in my home city to fight this on religious grounds should the need arise. I have a Constitutional lawyer on retainer just in case.

Can’t You Be Arrested?

Technically, yes. But there are many polygamist families in Canada who have never been arrested. In fact, there are some rural towns in Canada where the number of polygamist families outnumber two person couples. The reason the Canadian government doesn’t make any arrests is because they know the laws against polygamy are unconstitutional (they were written in the late 1800’s before our Charter of Rights and Freedoms was ratified), and if they make an arrest based on that, it’ll be challenged all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. If that happens, the law will most likely be struck down and polygamy will become completely legal. With that in mind, the Canadian government has ordered police forces in Canada not to make arrests based on polygamy laws, simply because they don’t want the laws struck down.

What Does Your Family Think About This?

My family is not an issue. I’m a grown man and determine my own destiny. My parents, being nearly 90, are opposed to polygamy and advised against it. One of my sisters supports me, the other does not. My son and daughter-in-law say that I should do whatever makes me happiest.

They’re all aware that an arrest is possible, but they all know I have the money and the resources to fight this in court.

Wouldn’t This Be An Expensive Court Battle?

Yes, but that’s not really an issue. If I’m arrested, I would fight my arrest on religious grounds all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. If I win (and I surely would), I can sue the Canadian government for legal expenses for “unjust arrest”. This has happened before in Canada when laws are overturned and will happen again in the future. I would recoup all of my expenses (plus damages) from the government of Canada.

How Does It Work? Do You Sleep Together?

We go on separate and family dates to keep our bonds close. We haven’t moved in together yet (that will be happening in March, 2023), but when we do, we’re getting a custom sized bed and sleeping in the same bed.

How Old Are Your Girls?

Amelie is 21 as of 2023. Jennifer is 24.

What About Children?

We have decided not to have children. I have a son (he’s 29) and a grandson. I raised my son alone and am quite done with raising children. My fiancee, Amelie, is incapable of having children due to a birth defect. My other fiancee, Jennifer, doesn’t want children. I’m having a vasectomy so that Jennifer doesn’t have to be on the pill.

Where Do You Live?

I won’t be too specific for privacy reasons, but we live in a large house in Central Ontario, Canada next to a lake. We live in what is considered a moderately sized city with all the amenities we need. Our city is rather wealthy and it is not a polygamy-heavy city. Other smaller towns around us, however, are polygamy-heavy.

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment and ask. I usually respond within a couple of hours.


FAQ – About Vintage In Stepford

Who are you?

My pseudonym is Vintage In Stepford. I won’t disclose my real name for privacy reasons, but I used to write a very popular blog on various platforms that extolled the virtues of Traditional Gender Role relationships and old-fashioned values. They were wrongly judged to be misogynist and were taken down by the platform operators.

How old are you?

In 2023, I’ll be 55.

What do you do for a living?

I’m executive vice-president of a multinational lingerie company and a former professional songwriter.

How did you get your job?

I hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree from University of Toronto. In 2022, my girlfriend (at the time), Amelie, was told by her father (the owner of the above-mentioned lingerie company) that he was going to give her her inheritance while he was still alive so that he could advise her on how to use it. In order to qualify for it, however, he set the caveat that she had to be president of his company for one full year and turn a profit. Amelie has an education in business, but she was still concerned.

She turned to me and asked me to be her right-hand man. She knew of my degree in Commerce, so she asked me to be Executive Vice President with the job of making the business more profitable. If that happened, she would get her inheritance.

I wasn’t working at the time (I was retired), so I told her I’d do it.

Where do you work?

My fiancee, Amelie, has a large house in a very wealthy city. She has a very large, two-story office in her house. I work out of that office while she works out of her den. My other girl, Jennifer, is my personal assistant. I have another girl, Alyssandra, who is my Executive Assistant. Alyssandra and I are not romantically involved, she’s merely an employee of the company.

How were you retired at 54?

I had been retired since I was 47. I won a lawsuit settlement against a very, very popular pop artist who literally stole one of my songs. I wrote it, recorded it, and put it on SoundCloud. The artist must have heard it, liked it, and decided to steal it – word for word, note for note.

I filed a lawsuit against her for $100 million (it was an incredibly popular song). She settled out of court with me for high 8 figures. I had a pitbull of a lawyer, so this is not typical.

The settlement agreement states I can’t talk about who she is, what the song is, or how much I settled for. She retained the privilege of saying she wrote the song and I had to sell her all of my copyrights in return for the settlement.

When was your lawsuit?

I wrote the song in 2014. It was stolen in 2015 and released on the artist’s album in 2015. It only took 4 months to settle the case. My attorney said the artist didn’t want the negative publicity.

So, how much are you worth?

I won’t disclose that, but after my initial expenses (buying houses, sharing money around the family), I’m left with mid-8 figures.

How much do you make?

I used to draw about a million dollars a year from my settlement money before I accepted this position at the lingerie company. Now I only earn $1 per year in salary, but all of my expenses are paid for, including my use of the company jet. Anything I want (anything at all), I just put on the Corporate Platinum Amex and have the company write it off. I used to get paid $480,000 per year plus expenses, but decided the company could use the money to become more profitable, so I forfeited my salary in favour of expenses being paid.

How much is Amelie’s inheritance worth?

Low ten figures.

Are you married?

Not currently, but I’m getting married to two girls in March of 2023. I’m a polygamist. There is an FAQ about that that you can access here.

How did you meet your girls?

I met Jennifer through a mutual friend when she worked as a waitress in a breastaurant. I met Amelie while we were both doing volunteer work for the local food bank.

Do you have children?

I have a son (29) from a previous marriage and a grandson (3).

Do you drink? Do you smoke?

Yes, I drink. Mostly wine or Scotch. I don’t smoke cigarettes but smoke my pipe daily. I get my tobacco from a local Native Reservation.

Why do you blog about your life?

It was never meant for public consumption, it just happened that way. Originally, this website was meant as just an online journal. I used to write my journal in a paper book with a fountain pen, but being a former writer, I found it was easier to type my journal entries. Using WordPress allows me to search for anything I want from my journals, so I can always look back and see how much I’ve grown. WordPress is also great because it has its own app that I can use on my phone, laptop, PC, and iPad. Writing in Word or a similar app wouldn’t allow me that kind of flexibility.

I’m a pretty private person, so I don’t post any pictures or personal information.


If you have any other questions I haven’t covered, leave a comment with your question and I’ll edit this FAQ to include your question.


Afternoon Tea and FAQs Coming

Jennifer just served me afternoon tea in the Stirling Silver tea service with Camembert cheese and cream crackers. It was delicious. Amelie says she’ll join me on days when it’s not so busy. Today has been a tremendously busy day.

I’m going to make two FAQ’s tonight. One is about being a polygamist, and the other is general questions about me (how I made my money, my job, how I met my girls, etc.)

I’m tired. I didn’t work out today, but it was such a busy day I’m tuckered out. I’ll sleep well tonight, that’s for sure.


My Day So Far

Amelie has spent the morning moving all my paintings and books into my office. She takes a look at a painting, decides where it goes, then has Samantha hang it for her. A lot of my books have been put upstairs, too.

Amelie has hired someone to come in and install a gas fireplace upstairs in my office. She said he should be here next week.

So far, the office is looking good. Jennifer says she’ll be in with tea and Camembert with crackers a little later. I haven’t had time to work out because of meetings, but all of the meetings were pretty successful and I got a good idea of what’s going on in the company because of them.

I’m not going to work out today. I just don’t have the time.