“Don’t Speak Unless Spoken To”

One of the reasons your girl is unsure about practicing the “don’t speak unless spoken to” rule is because, frankly, she’s never tried it.

Take a weekend when neither of you have plans and instruct her to do exactly that.

You’ll find she feels more submissive and respectful when she’s forced to hold her tongue.


Advice for the Easter Holiday

It’s the spring holidays, and whether you’re celebrating Easter or the Passover, it’s important to remember a very simple rule to make your home a more pleasant place for guests:

Your job is to cook and to show hospitality to your guests.  It is not your job to inject opinions on politics, current events, or gossip about friends and family.  The quieter you are, the more you’ll be appreciated as an excellent hostess.

Whether you’ll be serving ham or matzoh this weekend, it’s always best to do so with your mouth closed.

Enjoy your holidays!


Life is Easier When You Submit to the Patriarchy

Life is tough. That’s no secret. But it can be made much easier when you submit to the Patriarchy.

See, whenever you have a problem in life, you need smart men to tell you what to do. And instead of fighting against those smart men, you should embrace who they are and what they represent. They’re part of the Patriarchy and they’re looking out for you.

Life is so much easier when you submit to the Patriarchy. We enjoy it, you enjoy it, everyone wins.

Submit today. Make life easy for yourself.


Girls Are Just Eye Candy

Models are objects for male viewing pleasure and almost every girl wants to be a model.

Girls in general are objects for male viewing pleasure. We all know it. You can deny, deny, deny and state that it’s “politically incorrect” and that “women have rights”, but the fact is girls were designed for men to stare at. Women are eye candy. Simple as that.

Girls are objects. Men like to look at pretty objects. It all makes sense.


Different Rules: Wine


First, choose a wine from your favorite country.  France is always popular, but Spain, Italy, Canada, and Australia also make exceptional wines.  Choose your varietal – that is, your grape – and pour only a splash of wine in the glass.  Spin the glass and sniff.  Try to detect the more subtle scents underneath the primary bouquet.  Taste, swishing the wine around the palate.  Draw air in your mouth across the wine for a stronger flavor.  


Wine is good.  Wine makes you giggle.  Wine is fun.


Why Orgasm Denial is So Good for You (and Men)

When you’ve been denied an orgasm for a few days, you’re not totally desperate, but it’s a bit uncomfortable.

But after a week or so, you’re a sloppy, shivering mess. You can’t sit down without your swollen pussy rubbing against the chair. All you can think about is pleasing a man. All you can do is hope someone, anyone will touch you the right way to give you an orgasm.

This is good for you (and good for men) because it teaches you patience, control, and moderation. If you can prevent yourself from cumming after a week of “grind and deny”, you can accomplish almost anything.