“Don’t Speak Unless Spoken To.”

One of the reasons your girl is unsure about practicing the “don’t speak unless spoken to” rule is because, frankly, she’s never tried it.

Take a weekend when neither of you have plans and instruct her to do exactly that.

You’ll find she feels more submissive and respectful when she’s forced to hold her tongue.


Just a Reminder …


It’s a Man’s world, ladies. 

Know your place and everything will be just fine.

-Vintage In Stepford

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Gaslighting = Fun


One of the best ways to gaslight her is to use the simple phrase, “I know you better than you know yourself, and you’re wrong.

Suddenly, she becomes confused.  She starts questioning herself.  “It’s true.  He knows me really well.  Could he be right?  Am I wrong?

Inevitably, she’ll come back to you and say something like, “if I’m wrong, what makes you think you’re right?

That’s the perfect opportunity to talk down to her like she’s a toddler.  Yes, she’ll get even more frustrated but the physical effects – her instant arousal – are undeniable.

Gaslighting can be a lot of fun.  Make sure you have consent to do it, but once you do, make her question the very core of her beliefs for your amusement.