Cadence is just so beautiful. She’s got tan skin like most Native Canadians, but she has blue eyes and with her black hair, her eyes are so striking. She’s petite and has a rocking body. Tonight for dinner, she’s wearing a tiny string bikini with a see-through wrap. She looks just stunning. Her nails (both hands and feet) are done just beautifully and she never applies too much make up. She always seems to know the exact balance between subtle and trashy.

She’s an absolutely beautiful girl.


Calypso for Dinner Again

We chose to eat at Calypso for dinner again because I wanted a final shot at their Seafood Rundown because it was just SO delicious. So I had that with a Calypso house salad which was also very, very good. We had a glass of wine each with dinner and now we’re just sitting on the patio enjoying the sea breeze and drinking Champagne.

The sun won’t be setting for a while so we’re just going to sit on the patio and talk and drink until then. Cadence is in the bathroom so I thought I’d take a moment to write.

Here she comes.


Day 4

We ended up walking down the beach because it was sunny and it has stayed sunny, so we had lunch at one of my favourite stands where they sell curry lobster. So we had that, it’s still sunny, so we’ve moved to a bar stand and Cadence is drinking Mai-tais while I’m drinking strong beer.

We’ve been talking more about going home and Cadence says she doesn’t want just one girl to christen my new 16 foot wide bed, so she wants all five of us to sleep together on our first night back. That should be fun. I’ve never had a five-some.

She says that on her way back home in the jet, she’s going to dress nicely and drink and eat nothing but Champagne and caviar and really soak up the high life.

We got talking about money and I told her that it’s true, money doesn’t buy you happiness. It can buy you freedom, which is nice, but it always comes with its own set of problems that can make you miserable. She says she’s come to understand that seeing how Amelie hates money and she has billions. I told her it’s a good lesson for her and not to rely on money to make you happy.

Time for another beer.


Thunderstorms / Cutting Our Honeymoon Short

Sunrise was beautiful. With the few clouds we have hanging around, the sky was lit up with purples, oranges, and pinks. Spectacular.

I checked the forecast and today we’re supposed to have thunderstorms so we can’t go golfing. This weekend is supposed to be sunny, but ALL of next week is supposed to be thunderstorms and rain, so that’s no good for us. Cadence and I talked about this and we’re going to skip golf, spend Saturday going swimming with the stingrays, snorkeling, and going to Bioluminescent Bay, then Sunday we’re going to cruise the beach eating and drinking at various stands. Other than that, we’re going to go home on Monday. Neither one of us wants to be stuck indoors all honeymoon, and if we go home, I can take Cadence and the other girls out to some nice restaurants and we can spend time lazing in the backyard having conversations. I checked the forecast for my town next week and it’s supposed to be beautiful, so Monday is our time to leave.

It’s not ideal, but we’re making the best out of a bad situation.


Cadence and I are Awake / Sunrise

Cadence and I had a blast in bed last night. I raped her, she screamed and kicked and eventually told me she wanted it harder and faster. She’s some fighter though, I’ll tell you, but she’s 4’11” and 95 lbs. and I’m 6’2″ and 220, so she didn’t stand a chance.

This morning, we’re up early because we’re going to watch the sunrise. We’ve got a great view of the east from the backyard, so we’re going to grab a glass of Champagne and enjoy it together.

Today is golfing day, but we can always have a nap if we’re tired.


Dinner and Sunset

We’ve had dinner. I had red snapper with scallops and shrimp in a thick sauce served with potatoes and roasted vegetables. After that, I had a popcorn shrimp salad which was popcorn shrimp, spinach, and arugula with a homemade dressing. We dined at Calypso again tonight then had Champagne on the patio as we watched the sun go down. We’ll be headed back to the house in the next few minutes.

Cadence wants me to rape her again tonight, so that should be fun. hehe


Jennifer Called Again

Jennifer just called me again. I ordered a bunch of physical gold and silver 1 oz ingots before I left and she called to tell me they had arrived via an armoured car this afternoon. Oscar was on duty as security guard, so they all felt safe and still feel safe when he’s on duty. Amelie says she wants to hire security detail for the house so that someone with a gun license can be on duty, so I told Jennifer to look one up and let Amelie interview and hire. We’ll still need Oscar for driving, but I don’t want him getting arrested for having an illegal gun. Besides, if we hire an outside company, we’ll have a guard inside the house 24/7.

That’s a load off my mind. That was about 100K worth of gold and silver and Oscar and the girls have put it all into a couple of safes for me. Amelie knows the combinations and she’s very meticulous, so I’m sure it’s all stacked neatly and in appropriate safes.

I had worried about ordering that much gold and silver but now it’s in the safes I feel much better.


Jennifer Called

Jennifer, who is still my personal assistant, just called me on Facetime to update me on some things that have happened at the house.

First, my six wireless monitors have been installed on my desk and connected to my laptop. That’s a great thing.

My bed has arrived! My son already brought over the bed frame and assembled it a few days ago, and now my 16 foot wide bed is being installed tomorrow.

My membership tags arrived in the mail from the golf course, so when I get back I can golf whenever I want. It’s a very private club and particularly expensive, so it’s never busy.

That’s it. The girls are doing well. They all say they miss us and look forward to getting things back to normal, but Cadence says she never wants to leave this tropical paradise.

Tomorrow we’re going to play a round of golf at the public course here. Cadence doesn’t know how to play, but she’s just going to ride along with me in the cart while I golf. One day soon, we’re going to Stingray City where you swim with stingrays. Should be fun!

Isn’t my texting getting better?