Apologetic Girls

If your girl is the apologetic type, constantly saying she’s sorry, reassure her with phrases like “it’s your fault” and “I’m not upset.”

Apologetic girls always feel they’ve been a burden to you, so be sure to make them feel like you never perceived them as such.

Telling them you’re not upset is a great way to take the guilt of an apologetic girl’s heart.


Why Some Girls Love Baking but Hate Cooking

There are some traditional, submissive girls who love to bake, but despise cooking.

Why is that?

Baking involves obedience.  If she follows the instructions exactly, the baked goods will always turn out perfectly.  Think of it as the baking book giving orders.  If all she has to do is obey, she knows everything will be fine.

Cooking is more freestyle.  “Season to taste.”  “A splash of white wine.”  “A handful of chopped celery.”  There’s too much freedom.  What is “to taste”?  What’s a “splash”?  Whose handful?

Cooking is a lot of stress for some girls.  They have to think on their feet and they don’t like that.  Baking, on the other hand, is just obedience to the written letter.  That’s simple.  Not easy, mind you, but simple.

When a submissive girl loves to bake but hates to cook, you know you’ve got a girl who will obey your orders faithfully and – without adding or taking away from what you’ve commanded – will yield the results you desire so long as you give her precise instructions on how to accomplish the task.

Good bakers are good girls.


Crush the Rebellions.

There is video of rebels burning books in Portland.

This is the end of the resistance. If you resist the government, that’s one thing. But to burn books is to remind us of 1939 Nazi Germany.

Because of the burning of books, I no longer support the effort of protesters in Portland, Seattle, and elsewhere. Send in the National Guard and crush the rebellions.



There’s a reason Traditional men call their girls “pet”. 

Just like a pet, a submissive girl needs to know there are boundaries.  Fences keep in pets and rules keep girls accountable.

Just like a pet, a submissive girl needs appreciation.  She needs to hear “good girl” often to know she’s loved and valued.

Just like a pet, a submissive girl needs routine.  You walk your dog at the same time every day, and your girl should have a chore list and a time limit in which to complete it.

We call girls pets because we treat them the same as we would treat a beloved pet – by imposing boundaries, showing appreciation, and enforcing routine.

And that’s exactly what both pets need to be happy and fulfilled.


“He Was Right.”

You asked him to make a decision for you and he didn’t give you the answer you wanted to hear.

But look back on your relationship with him.  He’s always been right or, at least, rarely wrong.  And if you think hard, you may not have realized it at the time, or the next day, or even the next week, but eventually, one day you said to yourself, “he was right.”

The entire point of trusting someone with your life is to trust that they have the wisdom to make good decisions on your behalf.  And the only way to trust is to realize that he’s rarely wrong about anything and that your judgment, quite frankly, is terrible.

Silly girl.  Decisions are for men.