Always Men First

If it’s never been done before, a man will do it.

Everest? A man.

El Capitain? A man.

The South Pole? A man.

It’s always men that break the “glass ceiling”. Never are women on the cutting edge of exploration into human knowledge or adventure.

It’s always men, men, men.

How does feminism explain that?


The Truth: A Bitter Pill

I’m frustrated by the way men refuse to acknowledge that women are inferior in most fields.

There was a day when, to men, truth was the most important virtue they could hold. A man who wasn’t true to himself or others was rightfully shamed.

Yet, today, men acquiesce to the notion that women are equal to or better than men in almost any field. Men have surrendered their power. Men have surrendered their sacred truths.

Women are inferior in most fields. That’s the truth. When men surrender this truth to the ruling mob, the world is in trouble.

Thank God feminism is dying and people are returning to common sense.



Q: If I very much want everyone to acknowledge that we woman can do/be anything men can, but still I acknowledge that we shouldn’t because it’s better for us to be soft and feminine and fragile and loving to our men. Where does that put me?

A: I hate to break it to you, but if you honestly believe that … well … it makes you delusional.

Women can do/be anything men can?  That’s crazy.  If that’s the case, why is every single sport divided into men’s and ladies’ competitions?

If that’s the case, why do fire and police academies have to lower the standards for women?

If that’s the case, why are there so few female CEOs?

Women are simply not as competent as men in many, many fields.

That’s why women are slower in sports competitions.  That’s why fire and police academies have to lower the standards to meet their female hiring quotas.  That’s why there’s so few female CEO’s.  It’s not because of some invisible “patriarchy” that meets in dark rooms and conspires to keep women from becoming successful.  That’s just a lame excuse and it goes against Occam’s Razor (the solution with the least assumptions is probably the correct one).  The truth is that women just simply don’t measure up in many (not all) fields.

If you honestly, in your heart of hearts believe that women can do or be anything that men can, I suggest you take an honest look around the world.  Not with rose-colored feminist glasses on, not with cognitive dissonance bouncing around in your head, but with clear 20/20 vision.

It’s not that women shouldn’t be anything a man can be, it’s that women are simply incapable of doing the things men do or being the things men are.

I know that’s a bitter pill to swallow, but at least it’s the truth.


It’s a Man’s World – Spring!

It’s finally spring, and you know what that means!  Sundresses, spring cleaning, and cherry blossoms are headed your way!

Remember that spring cleaning is not just a ritual you feel you should perform – it’s a inherent need in every girl to prepare the house for her man.  

Whether you’re single or married 50 years, you do it for him even if you haven’t met him yet.


Because it’s a man’s world, ladies.