Be Specific

Your traditional girl, despite all her talents, is not a mind reader.  She really, really wants to be a good girl, but if you don’t tell her exactly what to do in order to hear those magic words, she feels lost.

Give her clear, concise instructions on what you want done and exactly how you want it done.  Keep the instructions brief.  She shouldn’t need to write it down; she should be able to keep your instructions in her memory.

Once you’ve given her the instructions, ask, “do you have any questions?

You need to ask this so that she can clarify anything you may have omitted.

Help her be a good girl.  Be specific.


Women Screwed Themselves Over

For millennia, women had it made – staying in the safety of the home, having everything provided, focusing on things they love like cooking, baking, and sewing … ah, the good ol’ days.

And then suddenly women think, “oh wow, we can do all the things men can do!

So despite the obvious flaws in that logic, such as the fact that woman are physically weaker than men (Bishop & Cureton, 1987), that women have 8 – 13% less brain mass than men (Ankney, 1992), and that women are, on average, 3.75 IQ points dumber than men given the same brain mass (Van der Linden et al., 2017) women decided to pursue “equal rights” – the right to work like slaves for some stranger for 40+ hours per week, the right to not have anyone physically attracted to them, the right to not have someone provide for their every need … you know, important rights.

Women had it made and ended up royally screwing themselves over.  Studies show women’s absolute happiness and happiness relative to men has been declining drastically for 35 years (Stevenson & Wolfers, 2009).

And why would they give up all that happiness, safety, and fun?

One reason – and men have known it since the dawn of time:

Leave it to a woman to screw things up.


Why Are We So Happy?

Why are we, in the Traditional Gender Role community, so incredibly happy relative to people who believe in equality of the sexes?

Matthew D. Hammond and Chris G. Sibley tried to answer this question in their 2011 study entitled Why are Benevolent Sexists Happier? available for free here.

The study really doesn’t come to a logical conclusion except to say that both men and women find that their lives are more naturally structured when they accept Benevolent Sexism as a way of life (note: I consider myself a Benevolent Sexist).

From the study’s abstract on page 332:

Research indicates that the endorsement of sexist ideology is linked to higher subjective wellbeing for both men and women.

This is a particularly large study (n = 6,100) and, as we all know, the larger the study, the more accurate it is likely to be.

So gentlemen, get your big boy pants on.  Women find you more attractive when you’re just a little bit sexist.


Talk With Your Body

Let’s face it, traditional girls – you’re not too bright.  So why try to impress us with your brains when all we really care about is your body?

When a man is speaking to you, remember:

– Don’t speak very much or at all

– Play with your hair

– Touch him while you giggle

– If you must speak, use delicate hand gestures

– Bite your lip

– Laugh and smile!

Using your body language will tell a man that you know his words are far more important than yours.

After all, you want him to look at your body, so why not let it speak for you?


Different Rules: The Office


“You screwed it up.  I can’t believe it.  Look, you had one job.  One job!  And you screwed it up!  This is going to take hours to fix.  Now I have to get Hodgkins to do this and he hates this job.  I’ll let it slide this time, but I’m warning you, man, you blow it like this again and you’re out the door!”


“You messed it up?  Aww, honey, don’t worry about it.  You’re just a girl and it was a tough job.  Hodgkins wanted to do it anyway so I’ll let him do it.  You just stand there and look pretty and answer phones, ok?”