Cabin Fever

All of the girls are working until Saturday night, so I’m going to head up to the cabin and do some spring cleaning.

It’ll be a lot of work since I haven’t been up there in a few months, but I don’t mind a little hard work.

I’ve arranged with the restaurants to cook and freeze all their food and I’ll take it to the food bank when I return.


Results of the Party

Well, we had a great time at the party / bonfire on Friday night.

Everyone got good and drunk and we had a blast. Our guests were too drunk to go home, so I put them up in our spare rooms for the night. The next day, Danielle made a spectacular breakfast of eggs, toast, brown beans, back bacon, side bacon, and melon. It was delicious.

I hit it off with one girl, Isabella. She’s a super hot girl who looks like a Mexican weather girl. Like I said, we hit it off very well — probably because she’s as dumb as box of rocks.

I’ve got her phone number and will be calling her tomorrow because she’s off work on Monday.


Monday Night Blues

Before the pandemic, I used to play lead guitar on Monday nights for a blues band in town. They invited me to play again tonight.

The girls are all off tonight, so I’ve invited them to come watch me play and they’ve agreed. So tonight, we’re going to a local pub to play Monday Night Blues for the first time in over two years.

I hope the girls have a good time. They all love the blues, and they all love me, so this should be fun for them. I know it will be for me.


Another Update

I’ve been dating all of the girls like crazy this week and last because their summer rush starts at the restaurant next Sunday, the 22nd.

So I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy a lot of sex with the girls lately. We’ve been bonding quite closely because of it. It’s been great.

Just another quick update. Not a lot to report, but just thought I’d keep you all in the loop.



I have been so crazy busy lately that I haven’t had time to write.

The girls are doing well and so is my arrangement with the food bank. Jennifer and I have been on a total of 5 dates lately and we’ve been getting super close. She started calling me “Daddy” which has brought us even closer.

Everything is going well so there’s been nothing to report really. That’s the real reason I haven’t written.