Public Declarations

One of the most powerful signals you can send to the world is that your girl is your property to do with as you please.

By grabbing and slapping your girl’s ass in public, something no other man would dare to do, you’re declaring, “she is mine and I’ll do to her whatever I wish.”

In an age when governments and authorities are looking to undermine a man’s authority over his girl, nothing will get her wetter faster than a public declaration of ownership and control.


Give Her A Name That Suits Her

If you and your girl have chosen to rename her, choose something that suits her personality.

When babies are born, parents choose a name knowing nothing about whom the child will become.  But you, as her Traditional Man, know her better than her parents did when she was born, so choose something that suits her.

Is she a talented musician?  Perhaps Melodie would suit her.  Is she interested in gardening?  Perhaps Rose is an appropriate name.  Does she love old movies?  Perhaps name her after an old-time movie star.
Or, perhaps, make up a name out of thin air that you feel best reflects her personality.

Whenever you call her by her new name, she’s certain to feel the sense of ownership it projects.  Like a tug on a leash, she’ll learn to respond better to her new name than her old one.


More Structure = Less Stress

So your traditional girl is stressed to the max?  Her anxiety is climbing, she’s having a difficult time dealing with everything going on in her life, and it seems like she may fall apart at any moment.

It’s your first instinct in such a situation to relax the rules and broaden her boundaries, but that would be a huge mistake.  At times like that, your girl needs more restrictions to feel safe.

When her world starts spinning out of control, the only real safety net she knows is that the boundaries and rules you set upon her give her comfort.

For example, let’s say you’re talking to her while she’s in a stressful situation and you give her a piece of advice.  She replies, “yeah.” Don’t let that go.  Call her out on it.

It’s not ‘yeah’, little girl,” you remind her.  “It’s ‘yes Sir’.

This is called protocol.  How your girl addresses you and the formality with which she responds restricts her language and her thoughts.

When her thoughts are restricted, she can’t overthink.  When she can’t overthink, she can’t get overwhelmed.  And when she can’t get overwhelmed, it’s easier for her to face the task at hand.

To your girl in a difficult situation, more structure = less stress.


Men, Stop Leaving Your Families

It’s time I said this: if you get a girl pregnant, marry her.

Don’t be a d*** and leave your girl and children behind to fend for themselves.  Man up, for God’s sake, and take care of your family.

Don’t use excuses like “I’m not ready for a family.”  You were man enough to have sex without protection, so you’re man enough to provide for those who count on you.

Be a man and look after them.  Stop being such a piss poor excuse for a human being.

Man up.


Life, Mansplained: Why You Need Salt When It’s Hot

From my former #1 New Release, A Man Explained it to Me!

When it’s hot outside, you need to drink more water because water keeps your body cool.  And probably everybody and his brother has told you that eating salt is bad for you.

But when it gets really, really hot outside, sometimes you can get very sick from the heat.  And if the ambulance men come to help you, the first thing they’ll do is put a needle of something called “saline solution” into your arm.  “Saline solution” is just a fancy man-word for salt water.

See, too much salt is bad for you.  But when it’s very, very hot outside, you need a little bit of salt in your body to help you keep water in your body.  Salt is very good at helping the body hold on to water.  Why?

You’ve heard of strong worker men pouring salt on the roads when it’s icy or snowing and that’s because water loves salt.  As soon as water touches salt, it goes right into the salt crystals like magic.  With your body, it’s kinda the same.  If your body has a good amount of salt in it, the water in your body will say, “hey, I’m not leaving this body!  There’s salt in here and salt is my friend!”  So the salt tells the water to stay in your body and you don’t get sick.

So if it’s very hot outside and you don’t have air conditioning, or if you’re at the water park in your cute little bikini on a very hot day, be sure to eat some saltine crackers.  Drink lots of water, too!  Together, salt and water will make sure you don’t get sick.

See?  Simple enough for even a girl to understand.


What Have “Rights” Done For You Anyway?

Beg your man to take your rights away, even if only for a weekend.

What have rights done for you anyway?  You get to vote, except you think the candidates suck.  You get equal opportunity, though all you want to do is be a housewife/sex toy.  You can say and think whatever you wish, except that you really want a dominant, older man to tell you to shut your pretty little mouth and do as you’re told.

What have rights done for you anyway?  Do your rights bring true happiness? Absolutely not.

So beg your man to strip you of your rights.  You’ll be amazed how happiness greets you at the end of a chain.


Good Things Are in the Middle

There’s an Arabic saying:

خير الأمور أوسطها

It means “good things are in the middle.”  Extremism of any kind doesn’t work.

Take, for example, feminism.  While equality may seem like a good idea on paper, it’s not human nature.  For all of human history, women have been the support system for men while the men provided, protected, and cherished.  And when you consider intersectional feminism, a philosophy by which all White men are guilty of a crime they never committed, that’s extremism that doesn’t work.

But take a look at the other side of the coin.  Misogyny doesn’t work.  Oh sure, misogyny is fun for a sexual thrill, but it doesn’t make for a working relationship.  No man worth his salt is going to pay $20,000 for a girl’s plastic surgery only to have her stay home and lie in bed as a fucktoy while contributing nothing to the household.  Sex takes up maybe 1/6th of your day – ¼ of your day if your sex drive is incredibly high.  But what do you do for the other 8, 10, 20 hours of the day?  You have to have a working dynamic, and a misogyny dynamic just doesn’t work in the long run.

This is where the Men First movement comes in.  Sure, Men First advocates that the man’s pleasure comes first, that a man’s decision is better than the decision of a silly girl, and that a man speaks while the girl is silent, but it also means that the man holds doors open for his girl (thereby allowing the girl to go first), the man goes downstairs first when there’s a noise in the house at 2am, and when his girl is getting anxious, the man immediately stops what he’s doing to calm her down and reassure her that everything is fine.

Men First is the middle ground between feminism and misogyny.  

And good things are in the middle.