His Win-Win Final Decision

Yes, as a traditional girl, you should be deferring every single decision to your man. But if you want to be happy with his decision, you need to limit his options so that you’re both happy.

How would you limit his options?

Let’s say you’re going to the salon to get new nails.  They have a selection of 150 colors, but you want him to decide which color he wants you to have.  You could send him a picture of all 150 colors and let him choose, but if he chooses a color you don’t particularly like, you’re forced to obey, but deep inside, you may resent his decision a little.

So, what do you do?

Of the 150 colors, choose 10-15 that you really, really like.  Once you have them all collected so that they’ll fit into a single photograph, take a picture and send it to him.

No matter which one of the ten to fifteen colors he chooses, you’ll be content with his decision.

You can apply this same principle to anything – hair styles, hair colors, clothing, food, or drink.  If you limit his options to those you like then leave the final decision to him, a wonderful thing happens:

He gets to decide for you, and no matter what he chooses, you’re happy with his decision.

It’s win-win.


Eisenhower’s Other Warning

Most of us are aware of the warning outgoing President Dwight D. Eisenhower gave to the United States during his farewell speech on January 17, 1961.

Less heard is Eisenhower’s second warning — that of a scientific-technological elite that could control public policy if not correctly guarded by the public:

Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.

As long as the scientific-technological elite continue to dictate public policy, the wool will continue to be pulled over the public’s eyes on the issue of climate change.

Dwight D. Eisenhower is my favourite U.S. President. Not only because he ruled during the 1950s, America’s most moral and prosperous decade, but also because he saw the dangers America (and the world) faced and wasn’t afraid to warn us of them.


Finishing Schools

In finishing schools, girls were taught:

-Modesty in dress

-Submissive and demure nature

-To never, ever interrupt a man

-If a man interrupted, to be quiet and allow him to speak

-If a man is finished his meal, you’re finished your meal

-That service to others is the greatest virtue

Bring back finishing schools and teach new generations how a civilized society functions best.


Let’s Face It – You Want To Be An Object.

And the good news is, that’s how men see you – a pretty little inferior creature whose only real purpose is to look good to keep men going through the day.

You see, despite what feminism teaches, the truth is that every girl just wants to be adored for how good she looks; how perky her tits are, how firm her ass is, how pretty she made up her face that day.  Sure people will tell you, “beauty fades, so you’d better be an amazing person when it does,” but you and I know you don’t want beauty to fade and you’re fighting it every step of the way.

Want proof?  Has any man ever told you that he loves you purely based on your sparkling personality?  No and thank God.  The moment he does, you know you need to step up your game in the appearance department.

You want to be objectified by men.  That’s your only goal in life.  Sure, you may publicly claim that objectification of women is horrible, but deep inside, you just want men to get hard when they see you in heels.

If we’re going to seek truth in life, let’s start with the basics: you’re a girl, so the only thing that really matters to you is male approval and attention.  You can claim to be a feminist, or a social justice warrior, or whatever label you want to paste on yourself.  But that voice in your wet slit is telling you that you need men to look twice when they see you.  It’s telling you that you want to be catcalled.  It’s telling you that you need to look better tomorrow than you did today.

And hey, that’s okay.  Even if it goes against social programming, at least it’s the truth.  

It comes down to this: only beauty matters.  When you look hot and men pay attention to you, you feel a lot better than you do when other women say you’re “empowered.”

Screw being empowered.  You just want to be an object for men.