About Mr. Vintage In Stepford

A provocateur and contrarian since a young age, Vintage In Stepford has nurtured a life long passion for seeking Truth no matter how offensive it may be to his personal sensibilities.

His first act of rebellion was against the Church of England, in which he was raised and baptized, when he refused to address his priest as “Father” in obedience to Christ’s command (Matthew 23:9).  15 year-old VIS was commanded – by written order signed by the Bishop of his local Diocese – to call the local priest “Father” or face disciplinary action.  The young VIS replied to the Bishop’s letter with only eight words: “I ought to obey God rather than men” (from Acts 5:29).  He steadfastly refused to change the manner in which he addressed the local priest.  One month later, shortly after his 16th birthday, the young VIS was excommunicated with prejudice (meaning his baptism had been annulled) from the Church of England.

In the late 1990’s, as allegations that the feminist movement was based upon lies were confirmed by data, and scientific evidence poured in to support the notion that men are superior to women in almost every measurable way, VIS began a quest of discovery based on this information.  His conclusion?  Women, despite what society may teach and believe in the modern age, are not equal to men, never were, and could not be in the future.  Feminist Theory, he determined, could not reconcile itself to these scientifically proven facts and was forced to create falsehoods in order to survive in an age when statistics and data were readily available via the Internet.  The less the general public researched scientific studies about male superiority in various fields including physical ability and general cognitive ability (known as “g-factor”, the successor to the obsolete and inaccurate Intelligence Quotient – I.Q.), the more likely they were to be duped into believing Feminist Theory.  Feminism, he determined, was for the lazy and intellectually dishonest rather than a movement based on facts and data.  He found that – if necessary – feminism would falsify data and rewrite history to support its arguments.

Ever dedicated to pursuing Truth at the expense of his personal beliefs, VIS began attending university at the age of 33 — originally as a history major but, after obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in history, he pursued a Master’s degree – and later a doctorate – in Theology.  His final dissertation confirmed that – after the fall of Mankind in the Garden of Eden – the Judeo-Christian God never addressed women directly but, rather, considered females to be chattel and the property of men from birth until death.  Even Miriam, the mother of Jesus of Nazareth, was not addressed directly by God, but was sent a message through the Archangel Gabriel who told her “blessed are you among women” (Luke 1:28) (very different from “blessed are you among people”) not because of her ability to lead the nation of Israel or some other astounding feat, but merely because of the child she would bear.  According to the authors of the Scriptures, women had no rights, and the highest station a woman could attain was that of “wife” – a role in which she was expected to bear and raise children, keep the home fires burning, and obey her husband.

In 2016, VIS decided to share his knowledge of Traditional Gender Roles and male superiority with the world with the creation of his Tumblr blog, Vintage In Stepford.  Conflicted by what he was writing and his relationship with his God, VIS deleted his blog in February of 2018 in order to reconcile the seemingly conflicting messages he was writing and his faith in the Word.  After a brief Sabbatical, VIS restarted his blog (under the same name) in March of 2018.

In December of 2018, Tumblr, Inc. chose to change its policy regarding adult content, and while his blog was never truly in danger of having its content deleted under the new policy, VIS decided that the time was right to begin his own website under the WordPress banner.  The result is what you see today.

Now 51, Vintage In Stepford is reaching the peak of his career as an author and songwriter.  He resides in Canada and is in a Traditional Gender Role relationship with his girl, Willow.