Good Morning

Last night was my last night alone with Grace for our honeymoon. I’m really going to miss that little munchkin sleeping in my bed. My new bed should be here and assembled by the time I return from honeymoon with Cadence, so I’ll have a 16 foot wide bed when I return. That will be nice.

The rehearsal party was a big success with 16 guests, but that’s only a fraction of how many will be at the wedding. We’re expecting 56 I think Cadence said.

Grace made us a normal breakfast this morning: back bacon, mushrooms, and an egg on an English muffin. Served with an Island Mimosa, tea (coffee for the girls), and apple cider with apple cider vinegar and nutmeg. It was a delicious meal.

At 3pm, I’m going to the honeymoon suite of the hotel. In the meantime, I’m just going to hang around Grace, or she’s going to come sit with me in my office since she doesn’t have any major cooking to do.


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