Breakfast in Hawaii

Grace and I had a fantastic night last night. Right on cue at 8pm, she got up from her place at my feet, put her book down, left the room, and came back naked with a plate of Beluga Caviar, diced black truffle, and finely diced Sugarloaf pineapple. She sat on my lap for a few minutes and fed me the delicious mixture, then slid back down to her place at my feet and continued reading. We had amazing sex and fell asleep about 1am.

Today was breakfast in Hawaii and breakfast was white Basmati rice, scrambled eggs, two pieces of fried Spam, and three pieces of Portuguese sausage. It doesn’t sound like a delicacy, but man alive was it ever good! Good and filling!

Cadence’s father and I are going golfing this afternoon. It was originally supposed to be Thursday, but Thursday is our wedding rehearsal, so he rescheduled to today.


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