New Computer Stack

I’m awake and I’ve had a shower and done my morning ablutions.

I checked with Sahara and Marie, and they say all of the money that was expected from Amelie’s father has been transferred, so I can start managing the money at any time, so I came into my office and did a little bit of light work. The bulk of the money has got to stay in cash for the moment because I’m headed to the Cayman Islands with Cadence for our honeymoon in only a couple of days, but today I’m going to order a new computer setup for my desk. I want 6 monitors in a stack so that I can keep my eye on the markets all the time. I’ll order that today and get someone to set it up for me tomorrow.

Other than that, nothing else going on at home right now. I have an optometrist’s appointment this afternoon, but that should only take about 45 minutes. I generally wear reading glasses for my computer screens, but since I cut down my drinking, my eyes have gotten a lot better and I haven’t needed them. I’ll have to see what the eye doctor has to say about that.


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