Lunch in Japan

Today on Grace’s wonderful worldwide tour of food, we had lunch in Japan. Today was ramen with ham and soft-boiled quail eggs, miso soup, and sushi. I generally don’t like sushi (and Grace knows that), but she did something different to it and it was absolutely amazing. I have never had miso soup in my life and that was delicious too. And, of course, I’ve had her ramen noodles with ham and quail eggs before and it was spectacular. Grace served everyone a beer with lunch because she says Japanese businessmen drink a LOT and since I’m a businessman, she wanted me to get the real experience. I haven’t drunk beer in a while, so it really filled me up. It wasn’t a lot of food, but I’m still stuffed to the rafters. It was powerful beer, too. Good thing she didn’t serve me more than one, because I’m driving to the eye doctor this afternoon.

I’ve ordered my computer monitor stack from a local computer shop, and they agreed to install it for me tomorrow for a fee, so I was happy with that. Six monitors, all wireless, that will hookup to my laptop with no problems (I hope). That way I can watch Canadian, European, and American markets at the same time.

Apparently, tomorrow is Hawaii on our tour. I didn’t even realize Hawaii had its own food culture, but according to Grace, it’s a rich and diverse menu with lots of comfort food, so I’m looking forward to it.


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