Dinner in Japan

For dinner tonight, Grace took us to Kyoto for lobster and Kobe beef (from Japan!) with water chestnuts and fried rice with roasted vegetables like peppers and tomatoes. We had soya sauce and wasabi with it, plus a cold beer. Kobe beef is nice because it melts in your mouth, but I find that bison has more flavour. The entire dinner was prepared beautifully and Grace even made it LOOK Japanese with her garnishes and decorations. Delicious meal.

Tonight is another night for Grace and Augustus and I to pass the evening in my library alone. If she follows her routine so far, Grace will get up from my feet at about 7:30, go into another room, get naked, and return with a plate of Beluga caviar with black truffles and Sugarloaf pineapple on sliced pita bread. She’ll drink White Zinfandel and I’ll drink Scotch and we’ll pass away the evening quietly before going to bed and having boisterous sex until 1am.

I’m looking forward to it.


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