Breakfast in Japan

I’m going back to bed, so this won’t be a long entry.

We’ve had breakfast in Japan this morning according to Grace’s worldwide tour of food, and it was unlike any breakfast I’ve ever had. We had a strip of cooked salmon, slices of a folded egg omelette, and steamed rice with pickled vegetables. It was very tasty, but the selection is not what I’m used to for breakfast, so I don’t think I’ll be having that again or visiting Japan any time soon. lol.

I’m heading back to bed.


2 thoughts on “Breakfast in Japan”

  1. When I went to Japan the only meal I didn’t enjoy was breakfast. Mr Strange loved it but I tend to enjoy something sweet in the morning like fruit, or a good old fashioned English breakfast on the rare occasion. *You* didn’t even have to suffer the super soft tofu!

    That said, please don’t write off Japan just because of their breakfasts! (Although if you don’t like sushi I would maybe bring a selection of sandwiches or something 😂). Japan is so awesome, literally a culture unlike any I’ve ever experienced. If you ever get the chance to go, I genuinely think you’d find it so enriching.

    Top tip – Don’t worry about learning the language. They won’t speak to you anyway because they know you aren’t native and they don’t want to cause offense through miscommunication. Learn to read Kanji. Almost nothing is written in English there and everything is in tower blocks. One building could have a restaurant, a shoe shop and a brothel depending on which floor you get off the elevator on. You’ll wanna be able to read the signs!


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