Dinner in Mumbai, India

Dinner was late because my son and his family came over to visit. Amelie is really close to my grandson, so she enjoyed spending time with him and playing with him.

Grace served dinner around 7:30pm. We had Indian street food again. Tonight was chicken biriyani. It’s a typical Indian dish – lots of vegetable and spices made into a curry sauce and then chicken stewed into it. It was delicious.

Grace and I are making the most of our last days of honeymoon together, so we’re spending it alone with Augustus in my library. As usual, she’s sleeping with me tonight. She’s getting really good at sex, too. She’s a quick learner and very imaginative.

Tomorrow’s world tour of food takes us to Japan. There were several other countries Grace wanted to experiment with, but she has to cut it short because Cadence’s wedding is Saturday.


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