Dinner at Calypso Grill

We’ve had dinner and we’re just relaxing out on Calypso Grill’s patio by the beach.

We had some excellent food. For starters, I had Shrimp Trinidad which is blackened shrimp served in a delicious Indonesian spicy sauce. For my main, I had Seafood Rundown, which the waiter said is an original Cayman dish. It consists of lobster, shrimp, mussels, and scallops in a rich coconut broth. It came with rice on the side and was absolutely magnificent. It reminded me of food aboard the yacht. For dessert, I had Sticky Toffee pudding which is dates, butter, sugar, treacle, flour, and milk mixed into a cake, then topped with a sweet, dark sauce. It’s a British dish and I’ve had it before, but it was absolutely delicious here.

So, as I said, we’re out on the patio relaxing with a bottle of wine just taking in the upcoming sunset.

A lovely day.


Coconut Shrimp and Conch Salad

We found a beautiful little restaurant down the beach called Calypso’s. We had no idea what to order, so I ordered coconut shrimp and conch salad because I’ve never had them or heard of them before.

They were both amazing. The coconut shrimp was tender and flavourful while the conch salad was juicy. Conch is the little animals that live in those big shells and they’re delicious.

The waiter said that we’re visiting in the off-season and that it’s not very busy, so we don’t need reservations for dinner. That’s good. Cadence and I are going to go find a bar stand, drink some booze, then come back to Calypso’s for dinner.


Day 2 in the Cayman Islands

We got up at 10am since we were up until about 2am having loud, rough sex. Cadence is an amazing lover.

We skipped breakfast because I told the butler that we didn’t want any fancy food, just plain old street food. He said he didn’t have anything like that for us this morning, but that he’ll make sure we have it tomorrow. Fair enough. So I told him we’d skip breakfast today and find something on the beach. We haven’t left yet, but at least we know where we’re eating. And besides, it’s not too far from lunch now, so we’ll probably just wait and eat lunch on the beach.

Not much else going on just yet, but I’ll take my phone with me and report later.


Our Day

Cadence and I wandered over to the stand that was making all the delicious smoke and we had jerk chicken. It was absolutely outstanding — smokey and spicy, absolutely delicious. After that, we went back to drinking, this time at a different bar stand down the beach.

This evening when we got hungry again, we wandered down the beach and found a quaint little food stand where we had curry lobster. I don’t normally love lobster, but with curry it’s amazing. We both loved it.

After that, we went to another bar stand and started drinking again (I drank beer, she drank wine) until sunset. The sunset here is spectacular, so I have a feeling that’s going to be our main activity every night. That and seeking out new food and alcohol stands.

After that, we wandered back to our base house.

So far, this has been a blast. And the food is SO good here! Caribbean food is SO underrated!


Day 1 in the Cayman Islands

We had breakfast which was completely over the top. The butler served poached egg on homemade buttered toast topped with caviar. For dinner, he showed us a three page menu. It’s ridiculous how billionaires usually live. I don’t see Amelie being like that at all. She likes things like tacos and chicken noodle soup, not lamb abscond with caviar sauce and all that fancy crap. And I’ll tell you this, being worth a few hundred million myself, I will NEVER be like that. I don’t need fancy food to make me happy. Grace makes great food and when I go out to eat, it’s always simple food. I’m not going to get all arrogant and eat food I can’t pronounce. I can afford to eat at Michelin star restaurants, but I prefer simple dishes like pizza and tacos.

We told them we wouldn’t be eating dinner at the house because Seven Mile Beach is lined with food stands and bars. Cadence said she wanted to eat and drink at the stands all day, so that’s what we’re doing. We’re at a bar stand right now and next to it (about 100 meters away / 110 yards away) is a jerk chicken stand. The smoke keeps wafting over to us and it smells so delicious, so we’re going to eat there for lunch. Meanwhile, I’ve been drinking Island Mimosas and Cadence has been drinking Pina Coladas (her favourite drink).

The Cayman Islands are an incredibly wealthy territory and everything is WAY overpriced. An Island Mimosa is $25 where it would be $8 in Canada. It’s good, though. I have to admit that.

Sex last night with Cadence was rough and wonderful. She always told me she watched a lot of porn, so she knew what sex was about in theory, and let me tell you, she knows about it in practice too. She’s loud, she’s imaginative, she’s submissive, she an excellent lover. She looks incredible in her bikini today, too. She’s got such a smoking hot body. I love it.

I’m wearing shorts, a light cotton shirt, and a brown Fedora today along with sandals. The beach here is beautiful white sand and the water is a lovely Caribbean blue and is completely transparent. Just beautiful.

That’s it for now. I’m going to continue drinking until I’m good and drunk. It’s jerk chicken for lunch but I don’t know where we’re eating for dinner.


We’ve Arrived

We’ve arrived on Grand Cayman Island and we’ve been picked up in Amelie’s Dad’s Rolls Royce and taken to the house. The house is absolutely massive, easily 3 times the size of my house and my house is pretty big.

We had dinner on board (filet mignon and shrimp with scalloped potatoes) so we’re full, so as soon as we finish putting clothes away, we’re going to go for a walk down the beach. We’re on an exclusive beach called Seven Mile Beach. We don’t have a private beach (there’s no such thing as a private beach in Cayman), but we are right on the water which is nice.

It’s warm here but apparently there’s always a cool breeze blowing and it’s very pleasant.

Okay, I have to finish unpacking then we’re going for a walk.


In the Air

We went back home to pick up our vacation clothes and accessories, and we’ve loaded them on the jet and we’re in the air on our way to Grand Cayman Island.

Amelie told me her dad has a Rolls Royce down there, so if we want to do any motoring around, his driver will take us in the Rolls. That will be nice.

We haven’t had much to eat on board, but we’ve already had a glass of Champagne. Cadence has never been on Amelie’s dad’s private jet, so she’s loving this.

Not much else to report. I’ll write again from the Cayman Islands.


Wedding Night / Our Day So Far

We didn’t get to bed until about 1am.

Cadence told me that on our wedding night, she wanted me to rape her, so I did and it was pretty intense. It’s a good thing the honeymoon suite is isolated from the rest of the hotel because she was pretty freaking loud.

We had brunch this morning and it was delicious. I had eggs benedict and it was done very, very well. After that, we had a nap to catch up on sleep.

Amelie, Jennifer, and Grace came by to pick up our wedding clothes and other clothing and take them back to the house. We’re going to go home tomorrow to pick up all of our vacation clothes then we have a flight at 2pm to Grand Cayman Island.

Cadence and I talked about her rape when she was 12 and we talked about her rape last night and she says she feels that that kind of therapy (exposure therapy) could really help her long term. I’m glad. I knew it would.


At the Reception

The wedding went exactly as planned. My son was my best man and the vows were to “love, respect, and obey” from her and “love, honor, and cherish” from me.

God Cadence looked so fucking hot. I’ve never seen a wedding dress hug a girl’s curves like that. Cadence is only 4’11” and very petite, but she looked hot as hell in her wedding dress.

We’ve taken the pictures and they went really well; the weather was perfect. We’ve had the first meal (prime rib) and the first toast, and we’re just having a break before the first dance. I’m outside having a cigar with the boys.

I’d better get inside and get ready for the first dance.