Dinner / Grandma’s Cookbook

We had a delicious dinner. It was all British Indian food. We had Chicken Tikka Masala and Lamb Rogan Josh. We had na’an bread with it too. Grace is a great little cook.

She told me that tomorrow after breakfast, she’s going to get Cadence to drive her to her grandparents’ place so that she can pick up her grandma’s cookbook. Apparently her grandmother has thousands of recipes and even makes stuff like homemade ketchup, homemade ranch dressing, homemade butter, and all sorts of other stuff. I’m looking forward to tasting Grace’s experiments.

Tonight I’m sleeping alone with Jennifer. For now, we’ve had wine with dinner, so we’re going to drink some more wine in my library – all five of us (six including Augustus).

I feel safer know Oscar is at the front door with a firearm in his holster.


Lunch / Emergency Board Meeting

Oscar and I enjoyed ramen noodles prepared by Grace. As usual, she served ramen noodles, two piece of Black Forest ham, two soft boiled quail eggs, 4 kippered baby herring, and a raw quail egg on top. Instead of putting Garum on it, I sprinkled Worcestershire sauce on it and it was absolutely delicious. Not as salty, either.

I’ve got an email that there’s an emergency board meeting today about becoming a conservative company, but I replied that neither Amelie nor I would be attending since we both worked Saturday (she didn’t, but I signed her name on a few things, so I had to say she did). They’re so paranoid about losing sales over this “conservative company” announcement when our polling indicated that basically only conservative women wear lingerie. Our sales are going to spike! I don’t understand their concerns.

I told them if they want to hold it tomorrow, we’ll be there, but we need a day off.


Oscar and I / The Gun Range / A Raise / Garum

Oscar and I had a fun afternoon. We went to the gun range where he showed me he knows exactly what he’s doing with a gun. He says he’s been studying it online since I told him I wanted him armed. He even knew exactly what kind of gun he wanted – a Glock 17, which I have. So I gave him an over the shoulder holster and a Glock 17 with about 2 dozen rounds and now he’s armed. His accuracy was great, his trigger discipline was great, his stance and balance were great – he really knew what he was doing.

I told him if he’s willing to go to jail for me by carrying a gun illegally, I’m going to give him a raise, so I told Amelie to put him up to $120,000 per year.

Oscar and I somehow got talking about Garum and how good I think it is. He said, “yes Sir, but don’t you think it tastes an awful lot like Worcestershire sauce?” I said, “I suppose it does.” (He’s tasted Garum when Grace has fed him). He said, “don’t get me wrong, it’s very good, but you have a choice between spending $100 per 100 milliliters or you can spend eight bucks for five times that amount. I know what I’d choose even if I had your money.” So when we got home, I got Grace to give me a blind taste test on spoons. I knew the difference right away, but I think I liked the Worcestershire better – it had more of a vinegar taste. Even though they’re both made the same way (fermented anchovies, garlic, and red onions), I think I’m going to stick to Worcestershire.

I’ve still got the bottles from the Garum, so I’m going to have Grace fill them up with Worcestershire for a touch of class.


Sleeping In / Breakfast / Gun Range

I slept in today until 9:45. Wow I needed that sleep.

Grace made me a separate breakfast because I slept in so late. She changed it up today because I’m not working, so I had bacon, 2 sunny side up duck eggs, a piece of ham, toast, and a piece of pineapple. For drinks, she made me hot tea with honey, apple cider with apple cider vinegar and nutmeg, and a faux Island Mimosa.

Now Oscar (our driver) and I are going to the gun range for a few hours until I’m confident he could defend us with a firearm.


Still Working

As usual for a work day, I’ve worked out, showered, and had my lunch. Grace served me a heated ham and cheese sandwich with olives. It was great because the cheese was just oozing over the ham because of the heat. Very good food.

I still have a fair bit of work to do, but I figured I’ll be done by 4pm. Circumstances do not determine my happiness. I’m still happy and humming as I work.


Working On A Saturday

I spent the night with Grace and it was really pleasant. Once again, we made out, and one again, she almost came, but we managed to stop her and keep her on her orgasm denial regimen.

I’ve had breakfast and my shower and now I’m in my office trying to finish off my paperwork. It’s mostly just emails from insecure employees wondering if they’re going to get let go if we declare ourselves as a conservative company. I don’t know why I’m handling this stuff except that all the employees are executives. Why they’re worried about getting fired is beyond me.

Anyways, I need to get some work done.


On Our Way Home From The Trattoria

We’re on our way home in the van. Oscar is driving and all of the girls are seated except Grace who likes to think that holding on to my leg is a benefit of the van. She’s so cute.

On our way down to the trattoria, Grace served the leftover Caviar and White Truffles and pineapple on toasted, buttered pita bread. That was just enough to stir the appetite, and she made sure none got wasted. I’m proud of her.

When we got to the trattoria, we started with antipasto. Everyone got something different, but I got a selection of imported cheeses, cured meats, pickled vegetables, walnuts, and honey. It was absolutely delicious.

Next we had our main which – for me – was shrimp and mussels with penne pasta and a pomodoro sauce accompanied by homemade lamb/beef/pork meatballs. Really good stuff.

We then had a delicious Italian salad with lettuce, radishes, red onion, carrot slices, cherry tomatoes, orange slices, and a homemade dressing. Spectacular.

We went through a fair bit of wine tonight, too. Cadence paid with her card and, being a Native, she got all the taxes (food and booze) taken off her cheque when she presented her Native Status card.

A really nice evening. Tonight, I sleep with Grace which I’m looking forward to.


My Afternoon Snack

Grace made me my usual afternoon Ramen. It was Ramen noodles with two slices of Black Forest ham, three chunks of Sugarloaf pineapple, two soft-boiled quail eggs, and a raw quail yolk over three small baby kippered herrings. It was absolutely delicious and will power me through to 5pm, but it wasn’t too much to fill me up before dinner at the trattoria. Very good food. Of course, I sprinkled some Garum over it, so the taste was just out of this world. Absolutely delicious with Garum.


Girls’ Snake Armbands

The custom jewellery maker just got in touch with me about the snake armbands I had planned for the girls (I totally forgot about this project!). He sent me pictures of mock ups of the jewellery and I asked him how much. Apparently, it’s $12,000 per armband, but I told him to go ahead as I think it will be a perfect gift for the girls after they bought me this beautiful SPQR ring.

He said it will be done in about 8 weeks.

I put down a deposit, so he’s going to start work right away.