We’re Home

We got to the airport expecting just Daniel to pick us up, but Jennifer, Grace, and Cadence came in the van to greet us which was lovely. They excitedly hugged us and kissed me. Then, in the van, Jennifer handed me my Glock 21 and said, “I figured not having this made you anxious, so I brought it for you.” I smiled, kissed her deeply, and pulled the airsoft gun out of my holster and put my Glock in its proper place. The way she was handling it was funny. She was clearly scared of it, but I told her I was proud of her for bringing it with her.

When we got home, Grace and Cadence said they’d bring in their bags, so they did, while Jennifer rushed me up to my library (bringing my new pipes with her), and poured me a glass of Lagavulin.

My library is just perfect. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a pipe and a glass of Scotch.

Grace and Cadence are done now and are at my feet waiting for me to stop writing so I can spend some time with them.

It’s so good to be home.


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