Grace is Collared / Cadence

When I ordered my eternity collars for the girls, I ordered four. I only had two girls at the time, but I figured if they got damaged, I didn’t want to wait to replace them, so I kept the other two in my desk drawer in my office.

I went and got one (and the universal key) and put a collar on Grace this evening. She cried a little bit when she got it, and Cadence really cried, but she was incredibly grateful for it. As soon as it was on, she ran down to tell Amelie and Jennifer that she was now collared.

When she was gone, Cadence told me that she may ask me to marry her soon and asked me what I’d say if she did. I told her that Grace stated her case on why she’d be a great wife and I was convinced, so I accepted her proposal, and that if Cadence wanted me to accept her proposal, she would have to tell me a list of benefits of marrying her. Cadence said she’d have to give it some good thought and ask Grace what benefits she had, but she told me not to be surprised if she asked me to marry her. She asked if she got a collar when we got engaged and I said yes, so she smiled and is writing stuff down at my feet right now.

This may happen tonight.


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