Grace Asked Me to Marry Her

I’ve always known Grace was bold. After all, she asked me to dance the first time we ever met. She approached me. But tonight topped it.

We were in my library alone (Cadence was showering) and she said, “Sir, will you marry me please?” I said, “Grace, I think I should be the one to ask you.” She said, “I don’t want to wait, and I can make a compelling case of why you should marry me.” I said, “I’m listening.”

She started off by saying, “I’m the girl in your life who can satisfy you without sex. I can cook, I can clean, I can sew, I can manage your house, I can clean your clothes, I can look after your health, and most importantly, I can bring you peace.”

I thought about it for a second. Grace has always brought me peace, she has gotten me off my blood pressure medication, my clothes are always clean, my health has improved since she started cooking for me, she sews beautiful clothes for herself and the other girls, she’s done it all. So I said, “you know what, Grace? I will marry you.”

She jumped into my arms and hugged me and I told her I’d go out as soon as I can and buy her a ruby engagement ring since I know she loves rubies. I asked her her ring size and I’ll go to my jeweller friend as soon as I can and order her ring.

Grace and I are engaged. She has run off to tell the other girls, so I’m writing it in my journal.


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