Cadence Asked Me to Marry Her

Cadence and Grace were hugging my legs when Cadence asked Grace for a moment alone with me, so Grace kissed my cheek and left the library.

Cadence kneeled in front of me and said, “Daddy, will you marry me?” I said, “like Grace, you’ve got to tell me why I should. Why should I risk jail time for you?”

Cadence laid out her case. She said she knows I don’t want children and she doesn’t want them either, she wants to start bathing me every time I shower once we’re married, she says she’s a virgin who is a crazy good fuck, she cooks, she cleans, she has great taste in decorating, and she’s a traditional girl, not a feminist. She said that I was the first man who ever really believed she had been raped – even her father didn’t really believe her. She says she will be my biggest cheerleader (she’s that already) and that she’ll always respect me, never cheat, and she’ll always look up to me and admire me as her husband and as a man.

I thought her case was pretty convincing, so I told her I accepted her proposal. She squealed with delight. She threw herself into my lap and hugged my thighs, then kissed me. I asked her favourite stone (the emerald) and her ring size (6) and told her I’d get her engagement ring asap (I’m going to go order both their rings on Monday when I go to the bank for more cash).

In the meantime, I went down to my office again and got the last eternity collar and put it on Cadence in front of Grace. She, like Grace, ran out of the room to show Amelie and Jennifer.

So now I have one wife and three fiancees.


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