Good Morning From Thessaloniki!

Good morning!

I tell you, Amelie wears white nail polish for a reason – she’s a real freak in bed. The more we’ve had sex, the freakier she gets. Now she’s into humiliation and oral sex. She doesn’t want me performing oral sex on her (she says that’s a feminine thing to do), but she loves sucking me until I cum. I don’t even think she came last night, but she was totally content just swallowing mine.

You know, I was thinking about my liberation from Willow and I was thinking how appropriate it is that I broke free from her on my honeymoon. Kind of perfect timing.

Amelie says she’s going to order me tea, buttered toast, eggs, fruit, and cheese this morning. She asked if I wanted anything else and I told her I was kind of craving a little bit of fish, so she’s going to throw that in there, I think.

I’ve been carrying apple cider and apple cider vinegar around with me everywhere on our honeymoon just to make sure my blood pressure stays down and my testosterone stays up. It’s working; my sex drive is super high and I’ve been very dominant in bed with Amelie.

Today we’re getting my head measured to fit me for bespoke Fedoras. Like I said in an earlier entry, I don’t know how they’re going to be better hats than the Stetson Metropolitan series, but I’ll mention that brand and style to the hatter and see if he can model my new hats after those.

After we’re done here, we’ve got to fly back to Napoli asap.


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