Drinking – Trattoria Don Vincenzo

We’re done with the tailor and the shoemaker. The tailor had a beautiful suit all made for me, put it on me, then took a pair of scissors and started cutting it apart. I told him he shouldn’t have done that because it was a beautiful suit. He said in his thick Italian accent, “it no perfect.” So we finished there in about an hour.

Then we went to the shoemaker and he did the same thing with a beautiful pair of dress shoes. He said if he doesn’t cut them apart with a knife, they won’t fit perfectly and opening them up is the only way to fine tune them. We finished there in about 45 minutes.

Now we’re hungry, but the kitchen at the hotel is closed. We asked our driver for a good place to eat and he said, “Trattoria Don Vincenzo. Good seafood, good wine, good place. Small, but good.” So he’s taking us there. Amelie said to me, “it’s the last night of our honeymoon. Do you mind if I have a glass of wine, Dad?” I said, “it’s the last night of our honeymoon. Let’s order a bottle of Barolo and share it.” She said, “really?” I said, “for sure. Let’s do it.” Apparently, you can’t buy alcohol after 10pm in Italy, so we have to drink fast.

The driver says this restaurant has a great vibe that’s very local, so I’m looking forward to it.


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