Carl Jung Quote

I remember a quote from Carl Jung that I think applies to Cadence. “You are not what happened to you, you are what you choose to become.” I’m going to share that with her next time I see her or talk to her.

Jung was a genius. Freud was a nutcase, but Jung was a genius.

We’ve both had a glass of Barolo and my God it was good. I’ve never tasted Barolo that good before. The driver was right. You can really feel the vibe of Napoli in this restaurant. It’s busy, but everyone is talking to each other. Total strangers have been asking us where we’re from and who we are. Amelie told them that we’re a father and daughter on vacation together. One woman said, “you look alike.” We’re both dark with dark hair and eyes and tanned skin, so I guess we kind of do look alike.

We’ve ordered our food and it should be here in a few minutes. This place smells divine.

We need more wine. I don’t know how I’m going to buy some if alcohol sales are prohibited at night, but I’ll figure out something. Everyone loves a good bribe and I still have about 4 grand on me in cash.


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