Best. Meal. Ever. – A Bribe for Wine

We’ve just finished eating. The Barolo was the best I’ve ever tasted and it was only 25 Euros per bottle. The food was magnificent, possibly the best food I’ve ever eaten. We had a seafood and risotto plate which was mussels, “spiny lobster”, and shrimp with risotto that had cherry tomatoes and basil covering it. That cost us 17 euros each. This place is absolutely dirt cheap and the people here are incredible. They leave you alone while you eat and they talk to you while you drink.

We ordered another bottle of Barolo, but the owner said (in perfect English), “I’m sorry, but it’s after 10pm, I can’t sell it to you.” I said, “aww shoot.” Then I asked Amelie if she wanted to keep drinking back at the hotel and she said yes. So I said to the owner, “how much is the fine if you sell wine after cut off time?” She said, “500 Euros and I can’t afford it.” I pulled out my wallet and counted out 1500 Euros. I said, “there’s 500 for the fine, 500 for your trouble, and 500 Euros if you give me 5 bottles of that Barolo.” She smiled and called to her daughter (a waitress) to get us 5 bottles of Barolo.

So we’re on our second bottle of Barolo and we’re both nicely buzzed. I’m going to take these bottles on the jet with us for our flight back to Canada and leave the rest of them on the jet for our flight back to Europe for Jennifer’s honeymoon. I’ve decided I’m going to drink on honeymoons and vacations. Otherwise, I’ll stick to non-alcoholic.

I can’t get over how good the food was here. Next time we come back to Napoli, we’re exclusively eating here. The food was THAT good.


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