Willow – I’m Free

Amelie and I were talking about my exes and I said they were all pretty crazy except Willow who was intelligent and down to earth.

Amelie wanted to see her, so I Googled her and found her social media pages.

She’s now a Bernie Sanders supporting communist who studies feminist theory in her free time.

I read that and thought, “I’m finally over her. The few things I found admirable about her and she has traded them in to be trendy. She’s obviously never picked up a history or economics book in her life. If she had, she’d be neither a communist nor a feminist.”

I’m finally free of Willow.

Amelie, Jennifer, Grace, and Cadence are all that I love now.

I’m free.


2 thoughts on “Willow – I’m Free”

  1. Wow, I know how much that means to you, VIS. I remember you wrote a post about her a long time ago, saying something like, she was the only one who got you.
    I’m so pleased to hear that weight has been lifted, your heart will be lighter and more free to love the wonderful girls in your life.


    1. You don’t know how liberated I feel. I’ve been carrying a torch for Willow ever since we broke up. I always thought of her as superbly intelligent.

      To find out she’s a communist and a feminist shows you really never know how much of an idiot someone is until they give in to peer pressure.

      Now, other than family and friends, the only ones I love are the girls who live with me. And I’m totally content with that.


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