In Thessaloniki

We’ve landed in Thessaloniki and we’ve had something to eat. I don’t know what it was called, but it was lamb with spices in pita bread and it was very good. Messy, but good. We ordered room service, we didn’t go down to the restaurant to eat because I needed a shower and the kitchen was closing soon.

I’m currently in the hotel room and I packed a bowl of organic Black Honey tobacco in my favourite St. Claude pipe. It’s absolutely stunning and it smokes better than any Peterson or Savinelli pipe. If all I got out of this trip was these pipes, it would be worth it, but there’s so much more to come when we return to Europe.

Amelie says she has missed the scent of my pipe.

So many things going right on this trip. This is my first time in Europe in 20 years, plus I’m off all medications. I’m really happy about that.

I brought some faux Scotch with me from the plane, so I’m going to relax with a glass of faux Scotch and my St. Claude pipe, then I’m heading to bed.


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