In the Air Again!

We’re back in the air on our way to Thessaloniki for bespoke Fedoras.

My hat and coat trees at home are pretty full, so I need a new one. I’ve emailed Jennifer and asked her to go shopping for me to pick up an antique one. I already have two in my dressing room, so I’m going to put one in my library. If these bespoke Fedoras are any good, I’ll pack my Stetson Metropolitans away and that will free up some room on my hat trees.

We’ve had something to eat, but we’re going to eat again when we land. We’re staying in another hotel in Thessaloniki, and they have a restaurant, so we’ll eat there.

Amelie received two phone calls that we need to go back to the tailor for another suit fitting and back to the cobbler for a shoe fitting, so we have to get back to Napoli ASAP.

Cadence emailed me to tell me of her progress with orgasm denial. She says she has come to the point where she doesn’t want to cum because she doesn’t believe she deserves it. I corrected her and told her she deserves it, but good girls don’t cum. I don’t want her getting into a self-deprecating mindset. With her past, it will end up damaging her self-esteem.

I’m FINALLY able to smoke a pipe in the hotel in Thessaloniki because they allow smoking in their suites, so I get to try one of my St. Claude pipes. Now I just have to decide which one to smoke.

Time to descend! Got to go!


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