All Done!

We’ve been to the tailor and chosen my dress shirts. I had a couple of mock fittings – one with my gun and one without. That way the tailor gets a good idea of how it should fit.

The weather here today is terrible – windy and rainy. It’s not supposed to improve all week, so we’re going to leave here and go on to Thessaloniki to get fitted for Fedoras. I love my Stetson Metropolitans, so I don’t know how a bespoke Fedora is going to fit better than they do, but I guess we’ll see.

It’s lunch time and I have no idea what I want, and Amelie is disappointed with Santorini, so we’re going to call the pilots and tell them we’re leaving for Thessaloniki this afternoon. Amelie says we’ll come back to Santorini another time because it’s worth the trip here.


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