FaceTime with Grace and Cadence

I FaceTimed Grace and Cadence. They were just preparing dinner and I caught them at exactly the right time apparently. Jennifer, Amelie, and I are still dressed and drinking wine, but we’re going to bed in a few minutes. It’s still not even midnight here.

Cadence says the security guys have been great. As I requested, they really haven’t been seen, but they keep reporting back to Grace that everything is fine about every 3 hours via text. I’m very pleased with that.

Apparently, almost all the snow is gone from the grass at home, so that means I’m going to be bringing the Jag out of storage when I get back home. I’m SO looking forward to driving my indigo luxury sedan.

Cadence begged me to let her cum, so I said, “okay, Cadence, you can cum.” She said, “really?” I said, “yep! You can cum tonight.” She looked down to her lap and I said, “let me guess, you don’t want to ruin it by cumming, do you?” She quietly replied, “no, Daddy.” I told her I knew she didn’t really want to and I told her she was a good girl for staying in denial.

We’re keeping this hotel room while we go to Greece to pick everything up there, so I’m leaving all my wine, cologne, and trenchcoats in the hotel room. I’ll notify the front desk that the room will be empty for about a week, but not to empty it out.

Time to climb in bed with the girls!


Dinner at Trattoria Don Vincenzo

We had dinner again at Trattoria Don Vincenzo. It was very quiet this evening, so we were able to socialize with the owners.

I had pennette alla Bolognese which was short pasta with minced meat, carrots, celery, and tomato sauce. It was absolutely delicious. We ordered three bottles of Barolo early in the night so that we were ahead of the cut off time and it was very good. My meal was 10 Euros, and I don’t remember how much the girls’ meals were. The total bill was 81 Euros so it was a steal. The company was excellent, the wine was amazing, and the food was fantastic.

Tomorrow morning, we take off for Santorini, Greece to get my dress shirts fitted again. After that, it’s back to Thessaloniki to pick up my Fedoras. I was sent a picture of them by Amelie and I’m excited to see them in real life. They look amazing.

It’s another threesome tonight which suits me fine. My body clock says it’s early, so we’re going to share some more wine before we go to bed together.


On Our Way Back To Napoli / Bespoke Colognes

We picked up everything we ordered from Sorrento and Positano and now we’re on our way back to Napoli for dinner.

I picked up my colognes and thought I’d write the notes here for reference:

Winter Day:

Top notes: bergamot, tangerine, marjoram, artemisia, rosemary

Middle notes: geranium, jasmine, clove, coriander, thyme

Base notes: leather, sandalwood, nutmeg, tobacco, musk

Winter Evening:

Top notes: cardamom, pear, artemisia, and grapefruit

Middle notes: nutmeg and musk

Base notes: vanilla, patchouli and vetiver

Summer Day:

Top notes: sea water, lavender, mint, rosemary, and coriander

Middle notes: sandalwood, geranium and jasmine

Base notes: musk, oakmoss, tobacco, cedar, and ambergris

Summer Evening:

Top notes: black pepper, lemon, and ginger

Middle notes: coriander oil and basil

Base notes: vetiver, oakmoss, and ambergris

These scents are intended to compliment my natural scent and because I use unscented soap and unscented antiperspirant, they won’t interfere with my new colognes.

We’re on our way back to the hotel right now where I’m going to shower and wear my new winter evening cologne out to the trattoria for dinner.

These cost 8,000 Euros each. Incredible, but re-ordering them is easy. I got 1 gallon bottles of each of them and re-orders only cost about 200 Euros. A gallon should last 10 years.

Okay, going to enjoy the company of my two wives while we zip past Pompeii.

I’m all messed up because Daylight Saving Time started here last night, so it’s messed with my internal clock even more.


On Our Way to Positano

We’re on our way to Positano to pick up my bespoke colognes. We’ve picked up my custom trench coats in Sorrento and they fit incredibly well. The tailor says they’re weatherproof and waterproof and the style is even classier than my London Fog trenchcoats, so I’m very impressed. The fit is out of this world. Every way I move, they hug me but don’t restrict my movements.

We went to a trattoria for lunch and had a meat and cheese board for antipasto then I had ravioli with prawns for the main. We had a bottle of wine between the three of us. It was good food, for sure. You could tell that there were people there who were on their lunch breaks from work just grabbing something to eat so the atmosphere wasn’t as relaxed as it was at other trattorias, but the waitresses were still very friendly and kind. The food was amazing and the wine was incredible. We don’t have wine of that quality in Canada, we just don’t.

We should arrive at the perfumers in about 20 minutes, then we’ve got to drive all the way back to Napoli to put everything on the jet.


Stoicism – Don’t Be So Reachable

Amelie is very concerned about the amount of paperwork she’s going to have when she gets back to Canada. I’m not worried at all.

I study Stoicism, the philosophy that we should only care about what we can control and anything out of our control should not be cared about. Stoicism employs the virtues of courage, temperance, justice, and wisdom. One of the things that Stoicism teach is to not be so reachable. These days we have smart phones, smart watches, fax machines, emails – we’re more reachable than ever. I have told Marie, my Executive Assistant, to tell me if someone calls, but don’t tell them I’ll necessarily call them back. If they demand an estimate of when I’ll be returning their call, tell them that I’ll evaluate the importance of their call and determine when to call them back – if at all. Seneca, one of Ancient Rome’s great Stoic philosophers said that we are too reachable and that’s why we never get anything of importance done. Napoleon famously left his mail unread for three weeks because he knew 99% of issues that demanded his “immediate attention” resolved themselves without him even knowing about them.

I tried to impress this upon Amelie, but she’s still very anxious about going back to Canada. I’ve offered to take some of her responsibilities upon myself to ease her burden and I think she’ll probably take me up on the offer because I just don’t worry about these things, but they always seem to get handled – mainly because I let them resolve themselves.

When I get back, I’m going to get Marie to organize all my paperwork. I’m going to get her to call everyone and ask them if they still NEED this paperwork done or if it has resolved itself. Once she’s done that, I’ll get to work on the remainder.


On Our Way to Sorrento, Positano

We’re on our way to Sorrento and Positano this morning. I didn’t write when we got up because I was too tired to write. I’m still tired now and it’s going to be a long day. We got up late and we have to visit the trenchcoat maker and the perfumer today.

We’ve had room service breakfast (I had eggs, buttered toast, fruit, and tilapia with honeyed tea) so I’m not hungry for lunch just yet.

My trenchcoats and colognes are ready according to Amelie, so we’re just picking up today, so maybe it won’t be such a long day. Amelie understands the schedule better than I do.

I’ll write again when we’ve picked everything up.


Back at the Hotel

We’re back at the hotel in Naples where we’ll be spending the night before we take off for the Amalfi coast by van tomorrow.

We ate at Trattoria Don Vincenzo tonight and the food was delicious again. The owner remembered Amelie and I which was wonderful. I told her I wanted to buy 10 bottles of Barolo and she obliged, and we hauled them all out to our van waiting outside. All except 4 which we intended to drink.

We started with bruschetta and it was unlike any bruschetta you’ve ever had in the new world; this was fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, basil, and oregano on toasted crostini bread. Absolutely fantastic.

We all ordered separate meals and because the menu was in mostly English, Jennifer was able to understand what she was ordering. I had “pacherri allo scoglio” which is local pasta mixed with clams, mussels, and prawns. It was fantastic food and a good portion too. That was 14 Euros and was the second most expensive thing on the menu, so it gives you an idea of how cheap these trattorias are.

We ate, we drank wine, we talked with the owner, we had a really great time again. I love that place. Good food, good wine, good company, good prices. You can’t lose.

So we’re back at the hotel now and the girls have decided we’re having another threesome tonight, which is fine by me. We only went through 3 bottles of wine with dinner, so we’re nicely buzzed but we still have 7 bottles of beautiful Barolo left to take on the jet home.

Tomorrow, we travel to Sorrento and Positano to check on my bespoke colognes and my trenchcoats. It’s an easy day tomorrow, so don’t be surprised if most of the day is spent eating, drinking, and socializing.


WTF is a Trattoria? / The Shoemaker

A trattoria, according to a waiter at Trattoria Castel Nuovo where we just ate, is an inexpensive Italian restaurant that serves traditional Italian food at very low prices. A ristorante (what I thought a restaurant was) is usually far more expensive and doesn’t offer a traditional fare. Even Amelie didn’t know what it meant, but that’s all we’re looking for now – trattorias.

We had prosciutto wrapped figs for antipasto (appetizers), and then I had a “porca traditionale” which was pork loin in a garlic glaze with a green salad on the side with balsamic vinaigrette. For desert, we had tiramisu. Good Christ the food was so good. The service was excellent and everyone was super friendly. The wine list was three pages of legal paper long, so we decided to have a white Italian wine because the girls were eating vegetarian (Jennifer had pasta with cherry tomatoes and Amelie had eggplant Parmesan). My meal was 9 Euros, Jennifer’s was 6 Euros, and Amelie’s was 8 Euros. All totaled (with 2 bottles of wine), the meal came to 87 Euros. Where are you going to find that quality of food for so cheap in Canada? No chance. I pay 400 dollars for a similar meal at the riverside restaurant and that’s without the private room that costs $100. And then, to top it off, the menu specifically said that all tips were included in the menu price. How is that even possible? Perhaps restaurants here pay their wait staff a living freaking wage? I left 100 Euros anyway, because the meal was just incredible.

Then we went to the shoemaker to find out the shoes will be finished in about a week. He put a pair on me (I get a bull horn shoe horn with every pair of shoes), had me walk around a little, and then, like last time, proceeded to mark the shoes up, then slice them up with a knife. He didn’t need to do that; those shoes fit so well you could feel the vacuum they created when they went on. I can’t wait to see what they’re like when they’re done.

We’re back at the hotel right now with a beautiful view of the Mediterranean on a sunny day and I’m going to have a shower before we head out to Trattoria Don Vincenzo, the little restaurant we found last time we were here. I’m hoping the owner remembers me, because I want to buy 10 bottles of Barolo from her – it was that good.


Breakfast and the Tailor

We found a little hole in the wall to have breakfast at this morning. I didn’t mark down the name of it, but it was very tiny and the sign outside said, “trattoria” whatever that means (I’ve seen it a lot and assume it means something like restaurant, but restaurant in Italian is ristorante, so I don’t know what it means), but the food was amazing. We had ham and eggs with a croissant with pistachios inside plus a cup of tea with honey. Very good substantial breakfast. It was busy in there so we didn’t get a chance to socialize with the owner but it was darned good food.

We’ve been to the tailor and he put a beautiful suit on me. He asked me (through Amelie) if what I was carrying was everything I normally carry and I said yes, it was (I had absolutely everything on me). He marked up the suit with chalk, then told me he was finished and I could get changed into my original suit. I’ll tell you, that suit fit better than any suit I’ve ever worn and he still has to alter it. He said all the suits and sport jackets will be done before we go back to Canada on the 9th of April.

We’re looking for a place to have lunch right now before we go to the shoemaker, so I’ll write later.


Good Morning from Napoli!

Good Morning from Napoli, Italy.

The sun is up and it’s 13C (55F) outside. It’s coolish, but should warm up this afternoon.

We’ve got to go to the tailor and the shoemaker today. Then, this evening, we’re going to go to that little restaurant we discovered last time we were here. I’m hoping the owner remembers us because I sure remember her. The food was spectacular there and the people really made it a lovely experience. Everywhere we go this time, I’m just going to get Siri to recommend a restaurant and choose the smallest one to get the best experience.

Jennifer and Amelie are still sleeping. We had another threesome last night (their call), and they’re fast asleep in the bed. I had a nap on the plane so I’m really not that tired, but they’ve been up since 7am yesterday, so they must have been exhausted. My four girls love sleeping anyways, so I’m not surprised they’re sleeping in this morning.

I want to find a small place to have breakfast this morning, like a cafe or something. A place with a croissant and an egg with a cup of tea and honey would suit me just fine, so I’ll see what Siri recommends.

I’ve still got to shower and get dressed, so let the games begin!