Cars / Mid-Life Crisis

Grace asked me an odd question.

“Not that I’m interested in such things, but if the company pays for all of your expenses, no matter what they may be, why don’t you own a Lamborghini or a Ferrari or something?”

Cadence said, “yeah, Daddy. Why don’t you?”

I said, “First of all, I already have three beautiful cars: a 2023 Range Rover, a 2008 Jaguar XJS Super V8, and a 1956 Buick Special. But I’m giving the Buick to my father on his birthday in August.”

“But more than that, I’m not obsessed with sports cars because I’m not going through my mid-life crisis. I never had one. I’ve always been so content with my life and never had any regrets that a mid-life crisis just never occurred to me.”

The girls nodded and said they understood, but I’m not sure that they do. They’re too young to understand what a man’s mid-life crisis really is and what it stems from.


My Beard

I was talking to Grace and Cadence and told them that I was thinking of growing my beard out a little more than usual because I think it’s masculine and they said, “please do it!”. I consulted with Amelie and Jennifer and they pretty much said the same thing, so I’m going to get Leo to let my beard grow and just give me a head shave when he comes again on Monday.

I don’t just have a goatee anymore like my latest photo projects, but I’ve grown out the whole thing. It’s still almost stubble and I want to try a full beard but a full beard requires a lot of maintenance so once it gets to a decent length, I’m going to need Leo more than ever.


Clustering and Serenity

I told the girls over dinner that I would just be relaxing in front of a fire in my office this evening and they all decided to join me.

So now, Grace and Cadence are hugging my legs while they kneel, and Amelie and Jennifer are drinking faux Champagne on the couch next to me.

All the girls look fantastic today, by the way, and Grace and Cadence say they have sexy minidresses they want to wear for their dates with me.

I have found in my years in polygyny (one man, multiple women) that women tend to “cluster”. That is, they form groups and cliques when you have more than 3 women. For me, it’s been Jennifer with Amelie, and Grace with Cadence. They certainly do interact with each other, but if left to their own devices, they will usually seek out their closest sister wife. It’s an interesting phenomenon.

The contractor has been working hard on my library in my Suite for the past two days and he told Amelie today that things are going ahead of schedule. That’s great, but it still won’t be done until Amelie and I are on our honeymoon. I’ll get to see it when I get back, but not before.

I’m just sitting here in my favourite chair (a burgundy leather wingback) while two girls hug my legs and the other two girls chat and giggle on the couch. Cadence says that when we’re married, she’s looking forward to hugging my leg naked. She wants me fully dressed and wants to be naked most of the time. That seems to be one of her kinks, CMNF (Clothed Male, Naked Female).

I’m drinking faux Scotch and smoking a bowl of Black Honey Tobacco (one of my favourites along with Turkish Tobacco). It’s a beautiful evening out there. -1C (30F) and clear. Orion has taken his place high in the sky and his appearance won’t be around much longer as we get into spring.

I have gigantic, two-story windows in my office and they give a spectacular view of the lake. I can’t see it at night, but during the day, it’s a very calming scene.

Time to relight my pipe while Grace and Cadence fill my glass with more faux Scotch. They both go and get it for me when I want a refill.

Women, traditionally, were supposed to be the source of peace and tranquility in a home. My girls are very old-fashioned, so they bring a beautiful sense of serenity into my home.


We’re Back!

We’re back from our little trip to pick up some Airsoft guns and it was a success.

I managed to get a few copies of my favourite guns – a Smith & Wesson 1911, a Glock 19, and a Glock 21.

I had to leave my real gun in the car while we went inside because I wanted to test the Airsoft guns in my holster, so that felt weird, but otherwise it was a pretty successful little trip and all of the Airsoft guns I bought look and feel like the real thing. They have a little orange tip, but other than that, they’re identical in weight and feel.


Airsoft Guns

I was thinking about this while I was working out: my gun is a part of my shape and if I’m getting a custom suit (or ten as Amelie says), then I need to be wearing my holster and gun while I get it fitted. Problem is, I don’t want to carry a gun in a foreign country. So I’m heading south to a city where they have a big Airsoft range and equipment shop. I’ve got my holster on and my son says there IS such a thing as a Glock 21 clone for Airsoft that will mimic the size and weight of my Glock 21.

So I’m heading there with Jennifer right now. It’s a nice day here, so the drive will be lovely.


My Day So Far

I’ve had my board meeting and that went well. One of my ideas was passed by the board and now goes to Amelie to execute within the company.

I sent Jennifer to get Cadence and Grace for me and when they showed up in my office, I asked them out on separate dates. I told them we’re going to the riverside restaurant I love so much. I called the restaurant and made reservations for Thursday night and Saturday night. I booked the private room and asked them to please get a boatload of de-alcoholized red wine and Champagne in stock for us. They said everything would be ready for us.

Now, I’ve just got to work out, shower, and have lunch and I’m pretty much done for the day. I’ve got a little bit of paperwork piling up, but my day is free tomorrow, so I’ll leave it for then and take off early today.


Date With Cadence

I have never been on a date alone with Cadence, so I’m going to ask her out for this coming Saturday night. I’m sure she’ll say yes.

I can’t remember if I’ve been on a date alone with Grace, but I’ll check back in my journal. If I haven’t, I’ll ask her out for Thursday night.

Edit: Turns out I’ve never been on a date alone with Grace, so I’m going to ask her out for Thursday night when I see her today.


Management – an Update

I thought I’d give a quick update on how everyone’s managing their different roles in the family.

Managing 4 girls is much easier when they’re old fashioned like my girls. They pretty much manage themselves. When I had Danielle and Toi, there were constant disagreements and infighting between the girls, but it just isn’t that way with Amelie, Jennifer, Grace, and Cadence. I think that’s mainly due to the fact that Grace and Cadence come from polygamous homes themselves, so they know how a woman should conduct herself in a polygamous union.

Amelie is managing the company wonderfully. She works hard everyday trying to execute the decisions of the board of directors. Mainly, lately, she’s been working on implementing my ideas. We have a board meeting this morning and she’s chairman.

Jennifer is managing me very well. Her job right now is to keep me away from sexual temptation because I can’t have sex for a week after the vasectomy. She’s been doing great at that, telling the other girls to dress very modestly and use minimal decorations and makeup. It’s been tough, though; Grace was right about apple cider increasing my testosterone. I’m more dominant and sexually wound up than ever. Jennifer has also been providing me with snacks and drinks throughout my work day, setting my watches to keep them accurate, making sure my dry cleaning goes out, putting my suits away when they come back from the dry cleaners, all sorts of little stuff that would take up most of my day. She’s been wonderful.

Grace and Cadence are managing the house incredibly well – as good as Samantha did or better. They’ve kept the maids in line, kept the house very clean, kept us stocked in every imaginable item, and basically taken the worry off of me. Their food is amazing. They’ve been fantastic.

Overall, everyone is doing their jobs and doing them well.


Dinner Conversation / Concert

Over dinner, Amelie told me she has booked tickets to see the Toronto Baroque Ensemble in Toronto. They’re having “an evening with Bach” and she booked tickets for all five of us on Friday evening.

Apparently, she asked me if I wanted to go to one of their concerts, but I just don’t remember the conversation. So at least she asked.

That means no polygamy social this week either, but I’m looking forward to an evening listening to Bach. I’ve called Daniel (our driver) and booked him for Friday afternoon at 4 to drive to Toronto and see the concert.

I’m really looking forward to this.