Last Night and Today

Last night, I had two glasses of Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch, an entire dark chocolate bar, and 2 bowls of Black Honey Tobacco. I love Black Honey. The scent is out of this world.

I don’t have a lot planned for today at the office, mostly just paperwork and basic stuff. Samantha said she was going to make Shooter’s sandwiches for lunch today, so I know I’ll be fed well after my workout.

I think I’ll get Daniel to drive me in today so I can have a drink or two at the office. Amelie doesn’t mind me smoking or drinking during work, so I think I’ll turn on the fireplace in my office, pour myself a glass of Scotch, and pack some Turkish Tobacco into my pipe and smoke it.

I love easy days.


8 thoughts on “Last Night and Today”

    1. $480,000 per year plus bonuses to sit in front of a fire, drink Scotch, and smoke pipes. Yes, I’ll have to sign a few documents today and things will come up, but now I understand why people say executives are lazy. We are.



  1. Well I guess you’re actually working when you’re supposed to be retired so technically you are working harder than you should be. My day job obviously doesn’t pay like yours (not even 10% of it 🤣) but it’s very rewarding and I work with incredible people. I consider myself very lucky.

    Not rich. But lucky. 😅🤣


    1. I consider myself lucky because of the challenges this job presents me with. I’d rather have a low-paying job that challenges me rather than an elite job that allows me to do nothing all day.

      Fortunately, something has come up that I have to deal with today, so there’ll be no sitting around, no fire, no Scotch, and no pipe. I’d rather have it like this. At least I feel like I’m earning my money.

      I’m fortunate too that as soon as I started there were some major steps I could take to make the company more profitable. Those steps have made me feel accomplished in this job. I don’t know how profitable they are yet, but my training tells me they are major steps and will contribute to a better bottom line.

      My 55th birthday is coming up in February and ever since I was a teenager, I planned to retire on my 55th birthday. I won’t be doing that, obviously, as I’m doing a favour for Amelie. But once this gig is over in a year, I’m going right back to retirement.

      Then I can drink Scotch and smoke pipes all day and all night. lol. Not really, but it’s nice to dream about.



  2. It’s interesting what drives people. I’d like to say that I’m like you, that I enjoy being challenged, but honestly that’s probably not true. I like to challenge myself creatively, with my writing or singing, but when it comes to my day job I probably only do it because I like helping people who need it. That sounds selfless but actually, as I said, that’s what I like. If I was in a job helping people but I hated it, that would be selfless.

    I have no doubt that you more than earn your money, but it’s not as much fun blogging about the actual day to day stuff. Far more exciting to write about smoking, drinking and flirting at the office.

    Are you planning anything nice for your birthday?


    1. I’m a goal-oriented man, so goals are what drive me. My goal here is to make the company more profitable than it was when I took over. That’s well on the way now with the changes to the jet, the yacht, and the franchising model we’re setting up. The first two quarters probably won’t show any change, but by the end of the year, I should see a pretty substantial bonus. These things take time to reflect in the profit/loss statements.

      Paperwork is boring and it’s boring to write about. I love writing about the exciting stuff at the office, particularly my interactions with the girls.

      I’m not planning anything for my birthday. I’ll probably blog and complain about how I’m not retired when it was my lifelong goal to be retired on my 55th birthday. Truth is, I could be, but Amelie begged me to take this job and I didn’t want to let her down. Besides, I needed the challenge. I was starting to drift before I took this job, so it’s given me purpose. I’m sure the girls have something planned for my birthday, Amelie says that special occasions must be celebrated because they lift our morale, but I’d rather my birthdays were not celebrated. A sense of mortality at my age is a real thing and birthdays only accentuate the concern.

      If I had it my way, I’d have an evening in front of a fire with a pipe and a couple of glasses of Lagavulin, but I know the girls won’t allow that. They’ll probably take me out to the fancy Italian restaurant and Jennifer will spend the night with me. Amelie will probably give me the day off work.


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