Why I love the girls

I was thinking about this on the way home.

I love the girls because they respect me and they show me that respect every day. They never talk about other men in a way that makes me upset or envious. They tell me all the time how they’re proud of me for certain things that I do. They even told me they were proud of me for quitting drinking for the weekend.

The girls show me respect, which is more important than love as far as I’m concerned.

Love is for women. Respect is for men.


2 thoughts on “Why I love the girls”

  1. An interesting switch; honour/respect. I agree with you about men needing respect, it comes back to what I said before about what women provide that men need. I’ve seen weaker men grow in to impressive pillars of strength and dependability because he had a woman who valued and respected him. But I’ve seen men broken down by nagging, constant contractions, and public put downs. Neither member of those partnerships are happy because she thinks she can nag him to being the ‘man’ she wants, and he constantly feels humiliated and undervalued. So, yeah. Respects a real thing. It would be the same if a man was constantly cold and standoffish with a woman.

    I like ‘honour’ though because I feel it incorporates ‘respect’ (something I actively give him) but it also includes what I do for him. Behaving a certain way, dressing a certain way etc. To me, honouring my husband is something I can do even if he isn’t with me.

    Of course, that’s the beautiful thing about the modern world, we can interpret these things and adapt them to what suits us individually. 🙂


    1. To me, I could live without love from the girls. I can’t survive without being respected by them, though. Respect is something they can do even when I’m not with them, I feel. Women need love even when the man is not there; men need respect even when the woman is not there.



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