“Love, Honour, and Obey …”

The girls tell me that our wedding vows will be the traditional “love, honour, and obey” vows, and that mine will be to “love, honour, and cherish.” I called the girls this evening and told them I want the “honour” changed to “respect”. They agreed that basically it meant the same thing and that if respect is the word I want, respect is the word I get.

So I will vow to love, honour, and cherish them, and they will vow to love, respect, and obey me.

Seems like a perfectly good set of vows.


2 thoughts on ““Love, Honour, and Obey …””

  1. It’s become the ‘done thing’ to change that part of the vows or forego it altogether in the UK. We decided to keep it though; I already loved my husband dearly, he’s my soul mate. I agree with you about honour and respect being the same thing, and I trust him implicitly, I know he will steer our family in the right way. Obeying him has only made me a stronger, more confident and happier version of myself. I appreciate not all men are so deserving of such blind trust these days, but in such a case, I probably wouldn’t marry those ones lol.


    1. Our weddings are going to be old-fashioned, so it only made sense that we keep some semblance of the traditional vows in there. At least then the girls could never say they didn’t vow to obey me when I give them a command they don’t like. lol



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