Dinner at Amelie’s / Monday

Today is Monday, so I don’t expect a lot of work to be done at the office. We usually take it pretty easy on Mondays.

I had dinner at Amelie’s last night. The company was excellent and the food was superb.

We started off with honey garlic shrimp. I didn’t drink any alcohol last night since I was off it for the weekend.

Our soup was homemade cream of mushroom with big chunks of mushroom in it.

Our main course was filet mignon. Our salad was a Caesar with homemade dressing, and our dessert was creme brulee.

Overall, it was a very good dinner.

I drove home at about 10:30 at night. I didn’t stay very long after dinner because I knew I had to work today, so I had to be up early.


6 thoughts on “Dinner at Amelie’s / Monday”

    1. Oh wow. I forgot to write about that.

      I hired a guy who had been a Canadian McDonald’s Franchising Director for 12 years. He’s going to hire all the various directors from there. It was very successful and I have every confidence in him.



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