Giorgia Called

I’m at Amelie’s house. I drove here because I know I won’t be drinking tonight.

Giorgia called me while I was driving here. She asked me if she should resign and wait for me to hire her. I told her I would not be hiring her, that my company doesn’t want anything to do with a person who would exploit the homeless for social media clout. It’s detrimental to the company, and she could go to hell. I hung up on her when she tried to argue with me. She called back, but I just disconnected the call.

Amelie made me a sparkling lime water with her Sparkel machine. It’s much better than sodastream and makes a more gentle carbonated water. I’m going to get rid of the Sodastream in the office and at home and get a Sparkel.

Amelie and Jennifer are making me nachos before the big game. Jennifer is dressed in her Buffalo Jills outfit and Amelie is wearing her black, spandex catsuit and kitty ears. They both look spectacular.


2 thoughts on “Giorgia Called”

  1. What a nerve. It shows that she can’t have learned anything about you in the time you spent together. One of your most prominent attributes is your sense of community and responsibility for those in need (hence the food drives from a few months back). I’d bet that girl didn’t listen to a word you said when you met with her. You dodged a bullet there, for sure.


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