Giorgia is a Goner

I’m getting rid of Giorgia.

We had a 10 minute FaceTime conversation this evening and she demonstrated to me that she’s a cold-hearted, manipulative, conniving, self-absorbed girl who is only interested in what others think of her.

I gave her hell and am ghosting her from now on.


6 thoughts on “Giorgia is a Goner”

  1. It’s a hard thing with the culture at the moment; people are obsessed with social media. I deleted all my social media after Uni. I don’t even have Facebook for K M Strange. At this point in my life, I honestly could care less what millions of strangers are doing with their lives. In my tiny little flat, my whole world is so wonderful. I neither need nor want anyone else’s opinion on it.


    1. She made homeless people the target of her tiktok video for no other reason than clout. I thought it was disgusting. I don’t have any social media (unless this can be considered social media, which I doubt). Exactly – my life is so wonderful, I don’t care about the opinions of others. She does, which is why she had to go.



  2. Jesus that’s despicable! Good thing she didn’t end up working for you. Her social following could have been damaging to the reputation of your business. You well well in your rights to give her a piece of your mind.


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