On the Way Back from Toronto / Dinner with Giorgia

I’m in the back of the limousine again.

Giorgia looked spectacular this evening. Her body is even more stunning than the first time I saw it. She was wearing a tight little black dress with chocolate stockings and black, silver-tipped stilettos. She’s a very thin girl and I was worried she had an eating disorder, but that notion was cast aside when I asked her about it. She just said, “that’s how I’m built. I don’t know why I’m so thin.” The dress really showed off her body, though, and I’ll tell you, she has amazing tits and ass.

The date with Giorgia was very successful. When we got there, there was no waiting; we were rushed into the private room. We started off with a bottle of Bordeaux and some Foie Gras Terrine on buttered crostini. Very delicious.

I interviewed Giorgia between the appetizer and the main course and she surpassed my expectations. She’s been an executive assistant for 5 years and she took 2 years of training at a college in Toronto for it. She knows what she’s doing, that’s for sure. Jennifer did a good job at winging it, but Giorgia can certainly show her a lot. I told her she was hired and was starting as soon as her 2 weeks notice was up.

Cool thing was, because it was an interview, I got to put the entire meal on the corporate Amex and the company can write it off.

For dinner, I had the duck which was a duck breast and duck leg confit with greens on the side. Giorgia ordered the filet Mignon with whipped potatoes and Brussels sprouts. The meals were pretty filling, believe it or not. I had another Bordeaux with my duck and Giorgia had Chateauneuf-du-Pape with her filet Mignon.

By this time, we were getting into some pretty personal conversation. She whispered, “when you drive me home in the limo, I’d like to suck your cock.” I told her I was flattered, but we’ll reserve that for a second date. She pouted, but I insisted.

For dessert, we had coconut cream pie with coconut shavings and dark chocolate sauce over top. Very delicious and beautiful presentation.

I paid the bill and we left. We made out in the back of the limo and again she told me she wanted to suck me. I told her “patience, Giorgia. You’ll get it.”

On the drive home, she spotted my crystal jar of Werther’s candies and said, “are those Werther’s?! Could I have one please Sir? My grandfather got me hooked on them 10 years ago. I told you, I have an oral fixation!” I laughed and said of course, so we sat in silence sucking on Werther’s candies. lol

I dropped her off at home, walked her to the door, kissed her (she tasted like caramel) and got into the limo for the drive home.

We talked about a lot more than I mentioned here, but I’m tired and don’t feel like writing about it.

It was a good evening though. I’m definitely going to ask her out again.

A luxury VIP van would be so much better than this limo. At least in a luxury van, I could lie down and take a nap. That’s impractical in a car.


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