On My Way to Toronto

I’m in the limousine headed down to pick up Giorgia for our 6pm date at a nice restaurant. I’m looking forward to the meal, but I also have to conduct an interview on her to make sure she’s good enough to be my executive assistant.

I finally saw Amelie today. She was wearing one of her black spandex cat suits and kitty ears. I asked her why she decided to wear that today and she said, “so you always remember what you’ve got at home.” Good motivation, Amelie, thank you. lol

I did my workout at lunch, then showered. Then, I left work and went to the barber’s where I got my beard trimmed and my head shaved. Then I went home and showered and got dressed in my Armani suit for my date tonight. I’m wearing my favourite cologne, Quorum, but I can’t wait until we go to Europe so I can get some bespoke colognes made. Apparently, when you get them made, you can’t shower or wear antiperspirant, deodorant, or cologne for 5 days before meeting the perfumer so he can smell your natural scent and make custom scents based on that. Going without showering for five days is going to be tough (especially on my honeymoon!), but if it gets me a better cologne, I’ll give it a try.

I’ll write when I’m on the way back from Toronto to let you know how the date went.


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