Jennifer is Moving in with Amelie!

Amelie just called me to tell me Jennifer is moving in with her this weekend. This will save Jennifer a lot of money and will give Amelie some company on the nights I want to be alone.

She also said that she has ordered a 17 foot Douglas Fir as a Christmas tree and has a crew standing by to bring it into the house and decorate it. It’s going in her great room which has a 30 foot ceiling.


Two 2023 Range Rover Autobiography’s!

We just got home to my place.

We got two new Range Rover Autobiography’s. Driving it is a pleasure. The features on the car are extensive. We were forced to watch a 30 minute video explaining all the features to get the most out of the car.

Amelie loves hers. She says it’s so much better than the Escalade, and I totally agree.

I was right: Jennifer went home in Amelie’s SUV. I’m so glad they get along so well.

God, those two look so hot today. If we were married, I’d be busy fucking them, not writing. lol


The Girls Are Coming With Me!

I’m writing this from the back of the limousine.

The girls called this morning and Amelie said she wanted a new Range Rover too and Jennifer said she wanted to get out of the house, so they’re coming with me to Toronto.

Amelie looks spectacular. She’s in a white mini dress and her makeup is the same as last night (red lips, long mink eyelashes, smokey eyes). What a little hottie. Jennifer is wearing a black mini dress and has on her long eyelashes and smokey eyes. She looks hot.

I don’t know who Jennifer is driving back with, but it will probably be Amelie. They just love each other like crazy. They’ve become fast friends. I’m so glad. It’s so much better than jealousy.

Amelie wants her Range Rover in blue, and I want mine in black. At least we can tell them apart.

Then, when we get home, I have to list my 2020 Range Rover and Amelie’s Cadillac Escalade for sale.


Amelie’s Look

Amelie has been playing around with makeup tonight. She just sent me a photo of her latest makeup attempt. She’s wearing long, mink eyelashes and heavy eyeshadow and bright red lipstick. She looks absolutely stunning. I told her, “do that from now on! You look amazing!”

So that’s what I should expect from now on.

Keeping my hands off her is gonna be tough.


Range Rover Shopping Tomorrow

I’m going down to Toronto tomorrow to pick out my 2023 Range Rover and lease it for the corporation.

I’m looking forward to taking the V8 version out for a test drive to see what it can do. Apparently, there’s been a lot of improvements to the interior of the Range Rover over the past 3 years, too, so I’m also looking forward to seeing what they’ve done with it.

Daniel will be driving me. He has a busy day tomorrow: driving me to Toronto and home in the morning and taking me and Jennifer to Amelie’s for dinner in the evening. He’s going to earn that $100 tip.


Bills Game Tonight

The Buffalo Bills are playing the New England Patriots on Thursday Night Football tonight, so I’m staying home to watch it.

I’m going to order in from the curry house for dinner and relax in front of the big screen with a glass of Scotch and a pipe. I can’t wait until Amelie and I get married so that I can watch all my Bills games on the big screen in the home theatre.


Dinner Last Night with Amelie at the Riverside Restaurant

I took Amelie on a date alone last night. We haven’t had a date alone together for a long time, so I thought it was appropriate. We went to the riverside restaurant that I’ve mentioned before. I got the private room.

We started with crab cakes. They were just small patties of crab and mashed potato deep fried. Beautiful presentation and delicious, but very filling. More of a course on its own instead of an appetizer. We didn’t have a drink with that since we had Sherry in the limousine.

Our soup was French onion soup which was presented beautifully and was even tastier than last time we went there. 10/10. Served with a Pinot Noir from Canada.

Our entree was prime rib au jus with mushrooms, roasted potatoes, and sauteed brussel sprouts. The course was incredibly filling and absolutely beautiful. The chef really poured on the jus. Served with a Cabernet-Merlot blend from Canada. A great pairing.

Salad was a Caesar salad with bacon, shrimp, and chicken. Delicious and filling. Amelie couldn’t eat all of hers.

We skipped dessert because we were so full. The portion size at that restaurant has jumped significantly.

When the bill came, I was going to pay with my Amex, but Amelie said that we had talked about business, so it was a business expense and I should put it on my corporate card, so I did.

On the drive home, we got talking about marriage, the business, my dream Jaguar, everything. I told Amelie that I would be putting up an ad for an Administrative Assistant tomorrow. I asked what day she would be starting, and she said December 22nd. She said to get someone fuckable. I asked why. She said, “well, with you traveling so much, I’m sure you’ll want to fuck her.” I said, “Amelie, I’m almost a married man now. Those days are behind me.” She said, “those days are never behind a man. Trust me, get someone fuckable.” I laughed and said I would.

When we arrived at her place, I walked her to her door, kissed her good night, and got driven home while talking to Daniel.